Rosalyn; Psyched Up To Dresses

Married to a psychologist is definitely not your everyday romantic relationship. Yes, we were in love, but not what most couples experience these days as love. I had been courting her for three years, when I finally got up the courage and asked her to marry me. What might have been a run of the mill proposal, after years of living together, differs when you bring psychology into it. At the time I was just not aware of all of the possibilities that would be developed and put into action. She is better than most professionals, her work seldom gets talked about between us, but I know she is constantly analyzing me, why I did something, what I meant, what I will do next.

Laurie is very detail oriented, anything she does is planned, checked again and then put into action one thing at a time, making changes as needed to keep her plan on track. It has proven to be a good way for her to do things, her plans always are successful, needing very few changes along the way to make them so. I think a lot of her success comes from her schooling, she had obtained her bachelor’s degree in three years, her masters one year after and her doctorate one additional year. Her professors held her in high regard, considering her more of a colleague than a student. In the psychology journals she has been published four times, unheard of for someone her age and sex.

Like with most married couples there is a break in period after marriage, even though we lived together for years, there are still things that showed up after the marriage that neither of us expected. We managed to get through these rough spots, but I know with myself, it left me feeling very vulnerable. Most of the problems were mine, an uneasiness about life in general that managed to fester and boil over a few weeks into the marriage. It is not like me to act this way, I know she backed off a little, but kept an eye on me more closely for the next few weeks.

Recently she has seemed to have a project that she is working on, constantly making notes, observations, and then on her computer for hours afterwards. I have asked her about it, but she is always vague and evasive. I have wondered if the project is about me, since this started shortly after my series of outbursts. I am still treated the same so after a few weeks I dismissed the foolish idea and moved on.

I am more the roll along type of guy, no plans, no future already mapped out, just take each day as it comes, make adjustments and then on to the next day. I had managed to make it business wise by doing consulting work. My expertise is in the field of human resource management. A lot of small companies are not big enough to have HR departments, so I offer my services to fill in. If they have a problem I suggest ways to correct the problem and avoid a recurrence of the problem in the future.

Most of my business is from word of mouth, my original customers spreading the word for me. It is usually handled over the internet, although a few times I have had to show up in person for a difficult situation. I make good money from filling in this gap for small businesses, but more importantly it gives me time for myself and my wife.

She has a small office at the other end of our house where she can see her patients if needed, but a lot of her work is also done by internet and by phone. She picks her patients carefully, always an interview first before she either takes them on as a patient or refers them to a specialist for their specific problem. For the patients she does take, she offers 24/7 help by phone or internet, which her patients are quite happy about. Her prices are not cheap for this service, her average session is three hundred dollars an hour.

She has a very calming personality, able to talk to anyone, even if she just met them. Her strongest trait is that of a good listener. After listening to a conversation from a patient, she can tell you what the problem is, and then suggest numerous ways to handle it. When we get a late night call, I doubt if she says more than ten to fifteen words the whole conversation. Over the three years we have been living together she has probably received about forty calls outside of normal office hours. During the day, a lot of patients like to use the internet, often she has three or four internet chats going on at the same time.

Because of our chosen careers we are not hurting for money, since the house we are living in was left me upon my parent’s death, that fact making things a lot easier. We both have nice cars, although our time out in the world is minimal. Our work is done at home, our friends are limited, since other than with each other we tend to be more the individual type of personality. I make two to three trips out for groceries, supplies needed for the home, and any other incidentals. She handles clothing for both of us, but even then she limits that to one trip a month.

There is social interaction for both of us, usually once a month, her local group of psychologists meet occasionally, or we attend the local Chamber of Commerce get togethers when they are offered. Meeting with her group keeps her current on who is doing what, how patients she has referred are doing, and what new procedures and theories are being touted as the latest salvation for their patients.

My meetings at the Chamber of Commerce are to network with other small businesses, most of my new customers come this way, referred to me by my older customers who attend these meetings. A question will come up, then someone will attempt to answer it. I usually get mentioned if it is HR related, I introduce myself and we talk a little. Although I am not the conversationalist like my wife, I can connect with people, it just takes me longer. This has been a good source of new business, only direct referrals have out shined this way of getting new customers.

Recently, Laurie had been extremely busy with her mystery project. Her usual once a month trips for clothes now all of a sudden weekly. She comes home with bag after bag of goodies, a few hours in our bedroom and they are sorted and blended in. Still no hint as to the purpose of these shopping trips, I can’t believe she needs that many clothes. In all the years we have been together, other than a night or two out she basically wears the same basic clothes, just in different colors. Most of these outfits are business like suits, three piece and quite modest. Luckily for me she has never liked pants, so I get to see her shapely legs in all their glory most every day.

I have tried to approach the subject of the new clothing delicately, but her skill at side stepping any inquiry of mine is far superior to my curiosity. It was another three weeks when she asked me to make sure I was free on the weekend. Her reason was we take so little time for ourselves she wanted a weekend vacation away from everything. I agreed and made sure everything I needed to handle was done by Friday afternoon. Laurie got another psychologist to handle any emergencies for her and we were set. While I gathered something takeout to eat tonight she packed the other car. It was seven P.M. when we finished some Chinese takeout, I cleaned up the containers and bags then we headed to the bedroom.

She was extra amorous tonight, I had all I could handle trying to keep her from ravaging me. She was sucking my nipples, while woman handling my male organ. Her other hand was at my rosebud, her finger alternately probing the spot for entry. I twisted and turned trying to keep things under control, but was fighting a losing battle. As I tried to protect my nipples her fingers would slip inside my anus, causing me to move my hands there to stop the intrusion, leaving my nipples unprotected.

Three hours later she wore herself down, I just sighed and collapsed on my pillow. She cuddled right up next to me, her head on my chest and one hand around my waist with her other hand intertwined in my hair. It was impossible for me to move, I was not comfortable but gave up and just laid there. I was too tired from defending my virtue to do anything else. From my soreness, I apparently did a very poor job of defending any virtue I might have had.

The alarm rang way too early, but at least Laurie released me to use the bathroom. I relaxed and soon I was enjoying the sleep I missed last night. I did hear some noises from time to time, but ignored them to the best of my ability. Finally Laurie attacked me, yanking the covers off me and kissing my nose, then my ears. She knows that bothers me, now I was awake but still not functioning well. I was given some clothes to wear, her handing each item to me than helping me into it. I was not aware of things, still sleepy and my mind was totally shut down. I remember putting on the clothes, but not what they were. The clothes felt softer somehow, but as she pushed me out to the car I had no time to investigate it further.

She told me she would drive first, I could take a nap, and then I could drive later. According to Laurie we were headed to a spa resort, up in the mountains miles from civilization. It sounded good, a relaxing massage and some quiet time sounded wonderful. Sometime later she woke me, telling me that it was my turn to drive. I felt better with the extra sleep and as Laurie got my car door she grabbed my hand and led me to the restrooms at the gas station she had stopped at. It was full service, a definite oddity in these days. I was half way into the restroom when I saw the female picture on the door. I tried to put on the brakes, but it was too late. My head swiveled around looking to see if anyone was in here, fearful of being found in a ladies rest room.

Laurie pushed me into one of the cubicles and I quickly tried to do my business, planning to make a quick escape before anybody figured out I was a male. I couldn’t find the zipper on my pants, the place it should have been smooth and flat. I ended up trying to pull the pants down, but they were snug around my waist and wouldn’t budge. I was starting to panic, I did have to go to the bathroom real bad and this was not helping at all. I finally ran my hands around the waistband and found the zipper in the back. I wondered if I had put on the pants backwards or if …. Shit I was in a pair of Laurie’s pants, one of the few pair she owned. I managed to get the zipper down, then shimmied the pants down to my knees to find the next problem I was wearing panties, a very brief pair with something running up my ass crack.

Still in shock I sat down on the commode, feeling a release almost immediately. I wiped, pulled the panties back up and then shimmied back into the pants. They were skin tight, taking quite a lot of effort by me to get them back in place, then had to struggle to get the zipper back up. I heard no sounds in the restroom fearing that Laurie had left me here alone. As I left the stall I saw her leaning against one of the vanities, a huge smile on her face. I had a zillion questions for her, mainly about the clothes I was wearing.

I approached her, then she reached out and grabbed my chin, holding my face still as she applied lipstick to my lips. This was not what I had in mind. I looked in the mirror seeing a female image and Laurie heading out the door. I made my way behind her, trying to keep up with her. I did not want to be left in the ladies restroom. When I looked down I saw part of my problem, the cute heels were making me walk funny, although not as high as Laurie wears they were indeed heels.

I caught up with her at the car, she held the driver’s door for me as I sat in the seat, anxious to get out of sight, my appearance unnerving me quite a bit. I was handed the keys as she signed for the gas, then she turned towards me and leaned over and gave me a sensuous kiss right in front of the station attendant. I saw his smile as Laurie returned to her seat. I was instructed on where to drive to, her giving me directions when needed. The driving kept me occupied, while my mind was trying to process any of what happened since we left the house. Well that and still savoring the kiss.

As I drove where she instructed, my mind started to view some of the last images that had been burned into it. One was my image in the mirror in the restroom. I was so wrapped up in my tight pants and panties that I neglected to see the blouse and bra that I was encased in. I saw it, but it didn’t register in my mind. Now driving down the highway the image became front and center. The blouse was a little thin, the white lacy bra quite visible under the blouse. The blouse had a plunging neck line, with lace around the cuffs on the sleeves. How I made it this far without noticing what I was wearing is anybody’s guess, now that the image is there, I felt the restriction of the bra around my chest. This three hours after we left the house.

Eventually we reached the resort, where she showed me where to park. I was lost, even finding a parking spot seemed to be beyond my capability. She got my door for me and led me into their lobby, her hand on my lower back guiding me much like a man will do to his wife or girlfriend. She signed in and gave them her credit card. I glanced down at the names on the registration form, Laurie and Rosalyn Walker. I looked up at her, puzzlement all over my face. She took the key cards and led us off to the bungalow that was ours for the next week.

The resort had rooms in the main part, then bungalows spread around the woods behind the main building. She used the key card, opening the door for us and lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom. I squealed, a most un-masculine action, then was laid on the bed. Since I am the barely five foot male and she is the five ten female, she has always been able to woman handle me like this. I barely weigh a hundred and twenty pounds, while she weighs one hundred and fifty plus. That exact figure to be never divulged. She is quite athletic, plays several sports to stay in shape, a shape I have to admit I ogle every chance I get. Her legs and her breasts are her best assets, the legs going on forever and her breasts firm and proud.

A porter brought us our bags, along with a complimentary bottle of wine, chilling in an ice bucket. Laurie opened a suitcase, removing a lacy little nightie, then approached me. I was yanked up and soon was naked her hands all over me, with me trying and failing to keep at least one piece of clothing on me. The nightie was lowered over my head, then another pair of panties was slid up my leg. When they got to my groin my male organ slipped right through the hole in the crotch. Laurie grabbed it and led me back to bed, her one hand doing all kinds of wonderful things to my penis. I was pushed down on the bed, face up and she stripped down to her bra, then climbed on top of me. She was so wet, as she settled down on my erection it slid in all the way in one swift motion. I don’t remember much after that, between her pumping up and down on my penis and her mouth sucking and biting my nipple, I was not sure where I was or what was happening.

I returned to consciousness as she nestled in next to me holding me tight, her hand grabbing a handful of hair and holding tight. Like before I was held there, all of the wonderful things are playing over and over in my mind. I don’t think I fell asleep, more like I just passed out. Then every once in a while she would twist her fingers again and intertwine then again in another handful of my hair. It does stop any movement, when held that way there is no way to move my head at all. Of course, her other hand found my sore nipple, caressing it with a pinch delivered every once in a while. No way for me to resist, just lay there and let her have her way. The hard part is dealing with all the feelings and sensations my body was sending my overworked brain.

So I did what any romantic partner would do, and let her have her way. I experienced periods of lucidity, but most of the time I just let things happen. Wonderful things I might add. It was the sun peeking through the blinds the next morning when I awoke. A mad dash to the bathroom and then an appraisal in front of the mirror on the closet door next to our bed. That is where I was found by my wife, hair disheveled, lipstick smeared all over my lower face and my nightie hanging off one arm. My male thingy still poking out of the hole in my panties though. I let out a most un-masculine giggle, then surrendered to another session of hugs and kisses from my wife.

It turned out that I never saw anything of the resort, just the inside of the bungalow and the restaurant where we ate one meal a day. I was in dresses when out of the bungalow, the highest of heels and of course makeup. I did get one trip to one of the resort’s many services, where my hair was curled and trimmed into a quite feminine hair style. At the same time my ears are pierced and my eyebrows made to enhance my feminine look.

I did find out that there was no male clothes brought for me, the one pair of Laurie’s pants that I wore on the way up here, suddenly were lost, now only dresses and blouses/skirts were available to me. I never did really complain much, for one thing I had all I could handle just surviving Laurie’s daily assault on my body. The clothes were soft and comfortable, and my image wearing them was feminine, in Laurie’s words cute.

I was reluctant to head home after the week, so many memories to treasure, so many feelings to live over and over in my mind. I let her do the driving back home, content to sit close to her and on occasion lay my head on her shoulder. Once back home I was led into the house and straight to our bedroom. She pointed to the fact that all of my male clothes were gone, including underwear. I think she was expecting me to complain, I just walked over to her, pulled her head close to mine and kissed her passionately. Well that settles unpacking of the car tonight, it can wait until tomorrow.

About three in the morning when Laurie had worn herself down some I stared at the ceiling, trying to remember when I was a male. It seemed a long time ago, the memory there, but faint. We still had sex like a couple would, but the release of sperm seemed to be connected more to my breasts and nipples than my penis. Instead of a male release, now my whole body shook as I climaxed, the feelings seeming to go on and on for quite some time. After having this new version of sex, I wanted to be held tightly, to cuddle up to her and kiss her. Gawd did I ever want to kiss her, it was like a compulsion that had to be sated.

Most likely Laurie had something to do with my recent changes, I need to thank her in the morning for her help and guidance. Maybe I was psyched into dresses, bottom line who cares. I am happy and content with my soulmate, nothing could be better. But most of all I am enjoying being Rosalyn so much.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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