Kara; Dance Diva

The day of the big recital was nearing, also the end of my forced punishment. My remark over three months ago was said in jest, at least, that is what I claimed when confronted on it. Mother in her infinite wisdom thought otherwise. Once Mother gets an idea, she runs with it and no amount of begging and screaming on my part was able to deter her. Believe me I did a lot of begging trying to avoid what my Mother has planned for me.

My sister like most young girls wanted to take dance classes. Being from an upper middle class family there were enough funds to allow her to indulge her desires. Unfortunately, I was dragged along with her since my soccer games were scheduled on the same day just earlier in the afternoon. Of course, she had to endure being at my practices and games before we moved on to her dance classes. Being all boy, I thought the dance classes were stupid, dancing around wearing leotards and tights seemed like such a waste.

I was also very outspoken in my views and didn’t hesitate to make them known to anyone within hearing distance. While Mother was talking to several other mothers of the young girls, I sealed my fate for the upcoming year. Jennifer my sister had missed her cue, and flubbed up her part in the routine they were practicing. Of course, being a good brother I pointed that out to the whole place, rather loudly. The other mothers and daughters all turned my way at my outburst. The resulting slap on my shoulder showed just how much my Mother disapproved of my comment.

I was yanked from my seat and with my feet only touching the ground once or twice I was rather forcibly taken out to the car. Mom is rather formidable, at five foot ten inches tall and around one hundred fifty pounds what she says goes. All the people in the dance studio witnessed my ejection, the young girls giggling the mothers all with smiles on their faces. I kept quiet, Mom seldom acts like this, I seem to have pushed the wrong buttons big time.

I was sat in the car and told to keep my mouth shut until the lesson was over. Mom returning to the studio to watch her daughter. I figured I had crossed over the line, knowing that when we got home I would hear a lot more on this subject. That was pure torture, sitting there knowing I was going to feel her wrath, but having no clue in what way. Half an hour later Jennifer and Mom came out and we drove home in silence. I was sent to my room and told to stay there until Dad got home. Now I was worried, if Mom was involving Dad in my punishment she was more than just angry at my outburst.

I should have known better, being sixteen and a high school junior you would think that I would have learned that sometimes it is just better to think the thoughts than to speak them. Knowing better and doing what is right sometimes just don’t match. In my case, that axiom was seldom listened to or used, especially recently. In the last year I have been in trouble with my parents more times than I care to remember. Again a lot of the trouble was my big mouth and what managed to escape my mouth. Most of the time I was lectured, but no punishment was issued. I had a feeling that today that might not be the case.

I was not called to dinner, another bad sign. I could hear Mom and Dad talking in their room, although exactly what was being said was muffled. When bedtime came I stripped off my clothes and slipped under the covers. I had no ambition to face either of them, preferring to take my chances in the morning. My stomach grumbled a couple of times, but soon I was asleep dreaming of the upcoming soccer game tomorrow. I hoped my loud mouth and recent outburst would not cause me to miss out on the game.

In the morning I cautiously made my way downstairs to the kitchen, then after entering I just about went back to my room. There at the table was both Mom and Dad apparently waiting for their son, no smiles, no greetings, nothing. Dad pointed to a chair between them and I promptly sat down. Dad started the conversation asking what caused me to make such a stupid remark, then do it in a crowded dance class. I lowered my head, my feet suddenly of interest to me. I was wise enough to keep quiet, a small miracle, considering my recent past behavior. Mom just stared at me, a smirk on her face knowing something that I was not made aware of yet.

“We will allow you to go to your game today, but after that things will change drastically. Consider yourself grounded for the future, this last debacle just the most recent in a long line of misbehaviors. When I say grounded I mean other than school, your soccer game and dance class you will not go anywhere without one of us present. Your behavior is totally unacceptable and your punishment will reflect this. Your breakfast is cereal and milk, no lunch and depending on your attitude today there may not be much if any dinner. I highly suggest that you jump to do as you are told today, no matter how silly you think it may be. Now eat your breakfast and go with your Mother to your room, the first changes start this morning.”

I missed the meaning of my dance class, a point that was reinforced later in the day. I tried to make breakfast last far longer than it normally would, but Mother finally dragged me from my seat and to my bedroom. There to my horror was a pair of tights and a leotard, just like what Jennifer wears for dance class. I was told to strip, when Mom started my way I instantly complied, blushing from head to toe as I did so. It had been years since Mom had seen me totally naked, the thought of it happening now had me red in the face before the first item of clothing left my body.

I was handed an undergarment and told to put it on. My male organ was in retreat, all of this way more than he could handle. The garment fit real tight, as I was told to push my male bits back between my legs. I hesitated doing this not sure what she wanted, well Mom was in no mood for any further delays. She grabbed my penis and pushed back hard between my legs letting the garment snap in place as she released it. It didn’t hurt especially, but having it done to me was quite embarrassing. Glancing at what she had done I was completely smooth down there just like any female would be. Another red pulse swept over me, leaving me embarrassed to the hilt. I was curious as to what this was leading up to, the only ideas I had were not ones that I wanted to experience in this or any other lifetime.

Curious but not stupid, I remained quiet as a mouse. If only I had used some restraint yesterday, maybe this would not be necessary. Apparently the remark yesterday caused all of the other misdeeds to get added together, now my punishment will address all of my past instances of disturbance. The lectures now to be backed up with some type of punishment to make me aware of the seriousness of my continued refusal to abide by their rules and wishes.

The leotard and tights were next, stretching to fit tightly to my body. I was scared, this was before my game, maybe I won’t be allowed to play after all. Mom turned me around, I had turned away from her when the last two items were handed to me to put on, taking a brush to my hair, fluffing it up to fall around my face. Then to cap off the horrible morning I was experiencing she added lipstick to my lips. I was dragged to her bedroom to stand in front of her full length mirror to see the new and improved me. I was shocked, a young girl’s image was all I saw, a female ready for her dance class. I was sent down the stairs to the living room to await my fate. I did manage to keep my mouth shut, not wanting to do anything that would cause me to miss my game today. I sat in a chair, very aware of my new clothes and the feelings they were causing. The smooth feel of my legs in the tights, the tight fit of the leotard in my crotch were things I had never experienced before and they were playing havoc with my thoughts. Then you have the lipstick on my lips, smooth and creamy, my tongue gliding over it with ease.

Dad came through to check my appearance, looked me over but didn’t say anything to me. Sis did the same, unlike me she just gave me a casual glance then went about getting herself ready for her dance class later today. If only I had kept my mouth shut, now I am in deep doo-doo, no telling what they have planned for me. It was getting closer to the time when we usually leave for my game, I was in full panic mode, still in the leotard and tights, things not looking good right now for me to be able to play.

Finally Mom came down the stairs with my usual jeans and sweat shirt. I breathed a sigh of relief, back in my normal clothes the day is not lost yet. She used a makeup wipe to remove my lipstick, then brushed my hair into a high ponytail and secured it with a scrunchie. I usually used a rubber band, much more masculine than a scrunchie, this one particularly noticeable since it was a shade of Burgundy. I was allowed to slip into my jeans and sweatshirt, though the leotard and tights remained on my body. I donned the clothes reluctantly looking down often to see if any of it showed, visions of being exposed running rampant through my brain. I slipped on my tennis shoes, then ran to the mirror in the hall to see if I still looked like a boy. I am sure the jury would be out on that for quite some time. Mom stood behind me, “you either go out this way or you miss your game and go directly to dance class.”

Oh shit, I was not sure about any of this now. Do I risk it to play in the game, or do I play it safe? I wanted to play so bad, I decided to go to the game and take my chances. We drove to the game, then I suddenly remembered I still had on the tights and leotard. I normally play in shorts and a t-shirt, so how do I change and get in my regular clothes for the game. I quietly asked Mom how I can change, her answer quite startling. I didn’t bring your shorts and t-shirt, you can play in your tights and leotard. As I decided that I didn’t want to play anymore we pulled up to the soccer field. I was quickly mobbed by my friends, and dragged from the car.

Our coach had a little meeting before the game, he changed a few of our positions to try and take advantage of our opponent’s weaknesses. Unfortunately, for me I was placed in the starting lineup. I debated on what to do, but insanity won out and I stripped out of my jeans and sweat shirt. It took a few moments for everybody to become aware of my attire, everybody staring at me, making me aware that no one had missed what I was now wearing. I tried to brave it out, assuming my position on the field and hoping the game would start real soon. It took a while for the game to get underway, in the meantime I did receive a few wolf whistles and the comment that I had nice legs. Right from the start the opponents seemed to aim for me, the ball coming towards me with only me to stop or delay the attack.

Like my Sis I flubbed it up big time, trying to kick the ball away, I slipped and fell flat on my ass. Luckily for me our goalie was able to deflect the attempt, keeping them from making a score. I was totally red, the embarrassment was too much, I ran off the field, head down and went to our car. Before I got to the car I was shedding tears. Life is so unfair, and today it all seemed to be happening to me.

Not even Sis made a comment about my flub, it was such an easy play, I had totally screwed up landing on my ass in the end.

My parents and Sis joined me, after a brief conference with our coach. We then went to her dance class, the ride there in total silence. I just sat there crying a little, I tried to find anyone to blame, but I realized it was my fault, so concerned about my appearance that I failed to pay attention to the game.

When we arrived I was escorted into the dance studio by Mom, who introduced me to the teacher. To my horror I was now enrolled as a student in the same class as my sister. I was given a tutu to slip over my tights, a sign of a newbie in the class. The teacher took me over to the corner, since it was still early for the regular class to start and taught me a few things that the class had already learned. I went through the steps like she showed me, a smile coming to her face when she watched me do the required steps. I was so depressed, all of this way more than I figured I deserved but doing something kept me from running screaming from the class, surely things could not get much worse. Famous last words, I was reminded of that phrase quite often in the next hour.

The teacher introduced me to the class, my name announced as Kara. All the girls came to welcome me to the class, while all I wanted to do was to fade into the woodwork. The teacher used me at the front of the class to show the move she wanted. Then had the class do the move as instructed. The fact that it took her a couple of times to get me to do the move correctly was ignored. There was quite a bit of tittering as the girls in the class watched me struggle to learn the moves. Why I made an attempt to learn the moves will always remain a mystery. It was something to occupy my mind, but learning to dance in ballet not a young males fondest wish.

At the end of the class, the teacher announced the end of the year recital, where all members of the class will do a solo number for all of the parents. The moan that escaped my mouth was heard by quite a few girls and their parents, the resulting giggles heard in response to my moan of despair. After the class was dismissed I was mobbed by the girls in the class, wanting to know if I enjoyed the class, and what part I wanted in the recital at the end of summer. I tried to evade answering the questions, their excitement at having another girl in the class spreading quickly. I was good, not saying much, trying desperately to answer with only a word or two. If only I could fade into the woodwork my preferred avenue of escape.

The truth in the matter was that I was accepted as a fellow dance class member unequivocally, they just wanted to share their excitement with me. I was quiet on the way home, not knowing what to say or think. I initially thought I would hate the dance class, but a lot of the things I learned I was proud of. Sis hugged me as we entered the house, telling me she was glad I was in the class with her. After I had pointed out her mistake so boisterously, in turn she was glad I was dancing with her. At my game she saw my flub, but said nothing, a much better and more adult response than I had indulged in previously with regards to her.

I was stopped on the way to my room, my parents pointing to a chair in the living room. “We talked to your coach, and explained why you were wearing tights and leotards. He will welcome you back to the soccer team if you want to. Unfortunately, if you accept it will be as a female. They do have a couple of girls playing on other teams in the league, so you will not be the only one. Personally I think you getting disgusted and walking off the field shows quite a bit of immaturity. Maybe a couple of nights in a diaper might encourage you to behave in a more responsible manner. Now as to your other changes.”

“Until school starts again you will wear female clothes all the time, primarily tights and leotards, but with a skirt or blouse over the two items. Makeup will be required, lipstick and mascara for sure, and other items depending on the occasion. Hair in a high ponytail as long as you behave, the first instance of further trouble and you will receive a curly permanent for the duration. When school resumes we will evaluate your behavior, no trouble and you will be able to attend as a male. Otherwise you will be Kara for the duration. Do you understand the reasons for these corrective measures? I sincerely hope you do, or it will be a long frustrating summer for you.”

I did manage a subdued yes to her question. I decided right then to give in totally, this was bad enough, school as a female way too much to even contemplate. That would be an unqualified disaster. Maybe I can get used to some of this, to make things a little easier to accept. I sure hope so.

I was hoping that the remark about the diaper might be forgotten, so I was real good all evening, I even helped wash the dishes, something I have never participated in before. Mom’s remark as I dried my hands left me speechless. Since you helped with the dishes, you can consider that one of your chores for the duration. Now come with me, we have to get you ready for bed. Oh gawd no came out of my mouth as I tried to retreat from her grasp. Too late, she grabbed a hold of my wrist and I was dragged off to my bedroom. She grabbed a bag that was outside of her room as we passed the door then settled me onto my bed. My leotard was unhooked in the crotch, then my tights were pulled down around my knees.

Out of the bag she removed some type of wipe and proceeded to clean my groin and butt. Several times I tried to stop her, but the look I received back and her swatting my behind convinced me that maybe laying still might be best. I pleaded for her to allow me to go the bathroom before she put the diaper on me, well that went over like a lead balloon.

“That is the purpose of the diaper, to keep you from making a mess in your new bed. My eyes got huge and I looked around looking for what she was talking about. Over in the corner near the window was a large crib, my apparent destination for tonight. While I was concerned with my new bed, she had managed to get me diapered, the many folds of material in my crotch very uncomfortable. I knew I would not be able to last the night, I needed to pee now and my usual routine for number two was to go in the evening before I went to bed. Imminent disaster either way.

A pair of plastic panties was pulled up and smoothed in place. I was planning to wait until I was put in bed, then take off my diaper and use the bathroom. Put it back on and no one would be the wiser. Well best laid plans seldom come together. Mittens were placed over my hands, the wrist strap keeping them there in place. My fingers now useless. I was taken over to my new bed, and helped up into it. A strap was placed across my waist keeping me secured to the new bed. Then from behind the crib a lid was raised so that I was now secure in my new bed. Then Mom played dirty bringing me a large baby bottle, and hanging it from a sling attached to the lid. She pushed the nipple into my mouth, and told me to drink up. If it is not empty before she goes to bed she will make sure I receive another one.

“Next time you think about walking away in disgust leaving your team in the lurch, remember tonight. We will repeat this scenario a couple of more times to make sure you have learned your lesson. Just think how smart and well-adjusted our little girl is going to be after she learns to dance and does her solo before all those parents and fellow classmates. I suggest you get behind this enthusiastically, or I might be persuaded to make you my full time daughter in real life. I am leaning that way already, an older daughter to shop with and teach about all things female.”

I did make a mess in my diapers that night, and had to smell it until morning. As Mom undid the strap across my waist, I tried to get down off the crib. Mom stopped me there, and removed my diaper and cleaned my behind. It smelled real bad, the baby powder she used did help some with the smell. Unfortunately, I had to pee again so I begged her to let me use the bathroom. She smiled and secured the new diaper at my sides. The plastic panties were brought up again and I was led downstairs to the kitchen.

Everyone else was there, sis looked but said nothing however Dad asked if I enjoyed last night. I had learned part of my lesson, keeping quiet at all costs. Mom handed me a bottle of warm milk and watched to make sure I started on it. The combination of the additional liquid and the warmness had me peeing within minutes. I was so embarrassed, my face and body now bright red. I had to sit there until the bottle was finished, even as a few pictures were taken of me. Just great, now I could be shamed in an instant by just showing anyone the pictures of me in a diaper and drinking out of a baby bottle.

If that wasn’t bad enough I was taken to the living room and placed in a playpen, wet diaper and all. Mom finished off the punishment as she shoved a pacifier into my mouth. By lunch I had wet my diaper again, I pleaded with Mom to change me and let me dress as a female again. With her phone taking a video I had to repeat that plea, then she took me upstairs to change me. I was so happy to get out of the wet diaper, then I saw the little girl’s dress I was going to wear this afternoon. I bit my tongue, I did ask for this, but did she have to make it so humiliating for me.

Panties, hair in twin pigtails tied off with ribbons, I was made up with lipstick and mascara then a pair of Mary Janes was slipped on my feet. I was planning to retreat to my room to hide for the rest of the day, but instead Mom gathered her things and dragged me to her car. When we pulled into the local mall I was in full panic mode. I pleaded with her, she can’t do this to me, but as my feet entered the mall I knew she was not listening to me at all. Up and down the mall, visiting every store that sold female clothes and accessories. So far I had escaped detection, successfully not running into any of my friends.

Even good luck eventually runs out, coming right toward us is Marilyn, our next door neighbor’s daughter. She is in all of my classes and visits sis quite often. I had not been around her that much, but we had talked often at school. She walks right up to Mom gives her a hug and then stares at me. I knew the light would come on soon, and sure enough she leaned over to me and complimented me on the pretty dress. I was in shock, my whole life just flashed in front of me, if this gets around I am totally doomed.

Of course Mom sees to it that I am further embarrassed as she asks Marilyn to keep an eye on me as she uses the restroom. Marilyn takes my hand and leads me to a bench in the middle of the mall. We set down and she asks me if this is how I will be dressing in the future. I freeze up, not sure what exactly to tell her. I have no idea how long this punishment will last, and I definitely do not want to piss Mom off more than she is. She leans in closer, telling me that she likes me this way, I am much nicer as a female than as a male.

Mom reappears and asks Marilyn if she can babysit me later today. I look at Mom, fear and dread in my face. Marilyn says sure, what time do you want me there. It was arranged for four o’clock, both Mom and Dad wanted to see a new movie in town and now that I had a baby sitter they could go and not feel guilty. I pleaded with Mom, surely I am old enough to watch after myself. She looked at my dress and then at the diapers peeking out from underneath the panties I was wearing. I am sure Marilyn will watch after you, besides you will need someone to change your diaper for you. That remark cut right through me, diapers apparently with me for more than a few days.

Back at home I was stripped out of my little girl clothes and my diaper changed. The mitts back on my hands and placed in the crib. Then another bottle was given to me, Mom insisting that it be empty before they left for the movie. I was so depressed, Marilyn will now see me as a baby, and probably have to change my diaper. It just can’t get any worse.

It wasn’t long until my baby sitter showed up, she was almost bouncing as she came into my room. I got hugged, then to my horror another damn bottle of warm milk was put into my mouth. She held it there, Mom standing behind her telling me to hurry and finish the bottle. Before I could get half of it down I was peeing into the diaper. I sure hope this baby treatment doesn’t last much longer, if it does I may end up back in kindergarten again, well that is if I manage to get out of pre-school.

Marilyn had lots of fun with me that night, she braided my hair, redid my makeup and changed my diaper twice. I have never seen someone have as much fun as she had changing my diaper. I was cleaned, powdered and tucked securely in a double diaper. There was so much between my legs it was impossible to get them to touch each other. Of course, with all the warm milk I drowned them too, making Marilyn quite happy. When Mom and Dad made it back, I was sitting in the playpen, a teddy bear in my mittened hands and bedecked in pigtails with ribbon bows at the ends. Mom got the camera right away, more blackmail material for later. Way too good of a picture to not take advantage of

Then to my continued horror, Mom arranged for Marilyn to babysit me twice more later in the week. After Marilyn went home I pleaded with Mom to allow me to be home alone. I pointed out my age, no one sixteen years of age needs a babysitter. Mom giggled but gave me an incredulous look. I don’t see anyone that old here, there is just your sister and you. I grant you are a little large for your age, but there is no way you are older than ten, the fact that you are still not potty trained requires you to have a babysitter. Now no more foolishness, time for me to get you ready for bed.

I did cry some on the way to my bedroom, so unfair, each day it just gets worse. In diapers at night, dresses during the day, and enrolled in a girl’s dance class. As Mom was changing me I tried to reason with her, actually I was now begging her to allow me to dress as a female every day. Anything to get out of this diaper downward spiral. Another performance for Mom’s phone, my pleading recorded to play back later if I didn’t remember all of my statement.

The next morning I got out of the diapers, but at quite a cost. Frilly panties, followed by the tights and leotard, then covered by a mini skirt and lacy blouse. The final humiliation was a pair of heels, with an ankle strap to keep them on my feet. Not too bad an outfit for around the house, but of course Mom had other ideas.

Sis and I were loaded up in the car and she drove us to a beauty salon. As she parked in the parking lot, I was in total panic mode. I could see all kinds of possibilities, and I wanted nothing to do with any of them. Mom gave me a look, then reached for my hand. I hesitated then she mentioned the diapers and I instantly grabbed her hand. I will take my chances in the beauty salon, a much better option than being encased in wet smelly diapers all the time.

Led into the salon I actually managed to get off easy for my first time in a beauty salon. My hair was washed and conditioned and then cut into a rather feminine hairstyle including a cute set of bangs. I received highlights in my hair, not familiar with what they were until I saw the blonde highlights among my brunette tresses. I received long eyelashes glued to my own, their effect quite devastating to my male persona. Then the ultimate embarrassment for a male. My thingy glued back between my legs and a female looking sex glued over the top. I was told it would help with my presentation in dance class.

As I left the salon I was so depressed, my stupid mouth the cause of all of this. Two more months of summer before school starts again and my only choice is a life as a young girl. When we got home I went to my bedroom, removed my dress and crawled into bed. I knew Mom would be up to put me into diapers, but I just couldn’t stand to be with others with what happened today. Looks wise I was now a female, even more girly that Sis. Mom came in and sat my the side of my bed and reached over and hugged me. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her tighter and sobbed for what seemed hours.

“Let me explain my thinking to you. I am sure you have learned your lesson, although a few more reminders might be prudent still. You are going to finish the dance class this summer, that is a fact. To do so without leaving yourself open to lots of kidding and humiliation, a more feminine appearance might be appropriate. That I have furnished today. If you will embrace your inner female, I think you will find it pleasant and even enjoyable. Talk with your sister for a change, listen to her and maybe indulge in some of her activities. Then make up your mind about the rest of summer. Bored, depressed and miserable or having fun and enjoying life for a change, those are your choices.”

She did put me in a diaper, but suggested that I go to the bathroom first and then during the night every time I got up. The diaper was one with tabs, something I could handle myself. I did get a kiss on the nose and a much appreciated long hug. I laid awake for a long time thinking about what Mom said, deciding I will ask Sis for help in the morning. Just a little while later I was dreaming, of feminine things and dancing. I awoke needing to go to the bathroom, but was able to get there in time. Maybe I will be able to progress from diapers to panties, all hope is not lost yet.

When I cornered Sis the next morning she was smiling, I think she knew what I was up to, but remained silent as I asked her if I could play with her, doing some of the things she does with her. Still quiet as a mouse I begged her to let me participate in her life. She giggled then hugged me tightly. My hand was grabbed and I was led off, a session with her dolls for my introduction to the life of a young female. After I relaxed, playing with her dolls was not that bad, not realizing until we stopped for lunch that I had been immersed in that activity for over two hours.

After lunch it was dress up time, a lot of Sis’s older clothes fitting me just fine. Sis was more like Mom, rather tall but very thin and well proportioned. She was developing the female curves that all young females do, but not showing much sign of breasts yet. Her hips were developing, a fact that sis was not over excited about. Since I was small for my age, her older clothes were a perfect fit. Unfortunately her choice of clothing earlier in life were very girly, dresses with billowy skirts and loads of lace and ribbons.

Mom did check on us regularly, her smile and giggles watching her son having fun dressed as a young girl playing with his sister. I did have fun with Sis, giggling and acting just like her most of the afternoon. It was actually fun when I allowed myself to forget I was a boy. Most of the clothes looked good on me, the image in the mirror that of a feminine girl having fun with her sister.

I did get two more evenings in diapers, the same time Marilyn was due to babysit me. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but having Marilyn look after me was not that bad, I got a lot of kisses, hugs and was able to cuddle with her for short naps during her time with me. I was still embarrassed when she changed my diapers, but I guess that being with her eventually won out. I did get her undivided personal attention during her time with me, hair curled, makeup and lots of dresses tried on during the four hours she babysitted me.

Dance class was now looked forward to, Sis and I practicing our moves in preparation for the recital at the end of the summer. I never did go back to soccer, I presume my interests changed, now looking my best, makeup just right and my hair styled to perfection much more important to me that some dumb soccer game. I did manage to get Mom to let me have a permanent, curls look so good on me, the big below the shoulder curls helping me to look extra feminine.

The recital went off without a hitch, both Sis and I performing our routines to perfection. In fact the whole class did outstanding, a nearly perfect performance by every student. We had a party afterwards each of the girls excited to have performed well, jumping around and hugging each other. I joined in, wondering if I will be allowed to attend dance class during the school year. Sis and I were eventually led off, Mom and Dad wanting to take us out to eat as a reward for our dedication and drive to excel. It was at this dinner when Mom asked me if I wanted to go to school as a girl or become a boy again. There was no thinking required as I said girl before she even finished the sentence.

Mom had thought that would be my response, telling both Sis and I that we are enrolled in a girl’s school for the upcoming year. They offer dance as part of the curriculum and the same teacher we had for the summer will be our instructor. Sis and I attacked them kissing them and thanking them for thinking of us. While Sis was working on Mom, I laid a kiss on Dad holding him tight in a hug and thanking him for being so good to me.

The red lip print on his cheek was very obvious, Mom reaching over to use a Kleenex to wipe part of it off. Well that will not be acceptable as both Sis and I attacked leaving red lip prints on each of his cheeks. There that is much better. Mom just set there giggling, telling Dad to pay the check as his girls had to use the bathroom. We did our business, repaired our makeup and met Dad at the door. The drive home was filled with tales of our performances and talk about our upcoming year at a girl’s school.

Marilyn and I have remained friends, even to the point of me wearing diapers for her on occasion. I am sure we will stay together, it is just a matter of time before we move in together. We are so much alike, sharing in our interests and love of each other. Besides Marilyn needs someone to be her baby and I am perfect for the job. She wants to finish college and I want to spend the time with Mom being her spoiled daughter.

Yep, Kara as a dance diva was the right way to go, I just wish I had acted up earlier in life. I missed so much fun, but I will make up for it packing every female experience I can manage into the next few years. Sis has vowed to help, and I know Mom will help when necessary. She loves her daughters, especially her oldest daughter, the dance diva.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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