Allie; Long Elegant Lashes

I was dropping off my wife at her beauty salon, a sudden need to use the bathroom causing me to go in with her, so I could use the facilities. It was sudden, like one minute everything was fine, the next I had to go real bad. It felt like I was leaking a little as I walked towards the restroom, trying to hold my legs together to keep from letting go. I paused at the door, both gender symbols displayed on the same door. Staring at the symbols on the door I almost lost my control, quickly pushing open the door and entering. There were no urinals, only stalls so I made my way into one quickly dropping my pants and sat down. I never even though of standing to pee, even getting my penis out of the shorts through the flap seemed impossible at the moment.

Luckily for me I was the only person needing to use the bathroom. No sooner that my butt had made contact a flood left me sounding as if a dam had broken flooding the toilet. One look at my underpants, as my fears were confirmed, they were soaked where I had been trying to control my bladder, and obviously failing to do so.

I slipped off my shoes, then pulled my Levis off and removed the soiled shorts. It was indeed soaked, actually dripping drops of moisture as I held it away from me. I saw no way to handle the situation other than to just throw the undergarment away. I used some toilet paper to clean me up some, but the smell of urine was still present. I had seen some paper towels as I entered the stall, so slipped my jeans back on, then made a mad dash for the dispenser on the opposite wall, grabbing several. I wet them then added some soap from the dispenser on the wall, then hurried back to the privacy of the stall. I again cleaned my nether regions, the smell seemed now to be minimized, so I pulled up my jeans then flushed. I took the wad of paper towels to the garbage, my tightie whities wrapped up in the towels, burying them down in the container to keep anybody from seeing them. I then went out to the sinks, washed my hands thoroughly, while blushing a crimson red as I thought of what I just did.

As I exited the bathroom, my wife passed me and entered the bathroom to do her business. I waited till she had finished, as I was wanting a kiss before I left the salon. She came out in less time than I had utilized, a smile plastered on her face. She walked over to the chair her stylist used and fetched something from her purse. She sauntered back, the smile even bigger now. I was kissed then she pulled back some and handed me what she was carrying in her hands. I looked briefly then turned a bright bold red. It was her pair of spare panties that she keeps in her purse. This particular pair in a bold pink color with lace and frilly bows for decoration. She leaned closer telling me to go back into the bathroom and put them on, that erection you have in the front of your pants needs something to hold it in place.

I hesitated this was something I did not want to do, but Vanessa had that look about her that I was not sure what would happen if I refused. She rubbed her hand over my groin, as we were facing each other, it would be hard for others to see what she was doing. Junior was not cooperating, quickly expanding even more. Just the thought of putting on her panties had my heart rate soaring. Vanessa felt his sudden arousal, now openly giggling away at my uncomfortable predicament, while never stopping her rubbing of me. I wanted to tell her she was not helping any, but my mouth could not form the words.

I hesitated some more, but decided to play it safe and do as she wanted. Just getting junior to a non-erect state seemed very important at the moment. I wadded the panties up tightly in my hand, trying to keep them from being seen, then made my way to the bathroom again. Again into a stall and my jeans were soon off. I pulled the panties up slowly, not sure why, but they seemed to be caressing my legs in a most unnatural and sensual way. I had never wore any female clothing before, so this was all uncharted territory for me. As I pulled the panties up to my waist, the silky fabric doing weird and wonderful things to my body, mainly my erection. I was now in a worse state then when I entered the restroom,

I felt tingling all over my lower body, some goose pimples breaking out on my upper thighs. The worst was my male organ, now rock hard and trying to poke a hole in my new underwear. I heard the restroom door open, now scared to death of being discovered in her panties. Luckily it was only Vanessa wanting to know if I was alright. I opened the stall door not clearly thinking of what she might see. She stood there her eyes as big as saucers staring at my erection in her panties. I tried to move my hands down there to block her view, but it was too late.

She grabbed my hands and pulled them away, putting them on my chest and telling me to keep them there. She used some soap from the sink to wet her hands and proceeded to relieve me of my hard-on, catching my sperm in a couple of paper towels. I was so embarrassed, my wife jerking me off in the restroom of the salon. She grabbed some more paper towels and cleaned me up, the soap from another dispenser smelling like perfume leaving my body smelling the same. Then she promptly pulled up my panties after pushing my male bits back between my legs leaving me flat in front like her.

After she had cleaned herself up and checked her makeup I was kissed and hugged, then she made her way back to her stylist, as if nothing unusual had happened. I am sure I detected a giggle or two, since she is obviously enjoying herself over my predicament. I sure hope she doesn’t decide to tell everyone what had just happened. I pulled up my jeans, the material of the jeans sliding effortlessly over the panties. I stopped and tried to think pure thoughts, as all of the previous feelings assaulted my body again. It was at least five minutes later when I was able to walk out of the restroom. Vanessa was watching as I walked out, her stylist brushing her hair and talking about what Vanessa wanted in a style. I heard the stylist mention washing and conditioning was next, then a cut in the desired style.

I was walking funny, trying to meander in a somewhat normal way, but things down below were not in their usual place, so I had a sway to my walk. I headed to reception, hoping to make my get away quickly and head back home to change. I desperately wanted to get things back to what they were before I entered the salon.

A tall female approached holding out her hand in a greeting. I shook her hand carefully, her hands were so soft and her nails were long, elegant and gorgeous. She held on to my hand not letting me leave, in fact she was pulling me over to their reception area. On the counter was a large gift wrapped box with a huge bow gracing the side of it. As we got closer, I could see the top of the box was open, filled with hundreds of pieces of paper each with some scribbling on it.

She told me to pick one out, a treat for being such a good customer. I backed off, at least, as far as I could since she was still holding on to my one hand tightly. I stammered that I was not a customer, my wife is and I was just dropping her off and had to use the bathroom. All the time pointing to my wife with my free hand. I thanked her for allowing me to use it, even complimented her on how clean it was. I was expecting to be released, but no way. She still had a firm grip on my one hand not about to let it go. There was a smirk there, as she was contemplating what to say next.

“Well then we will have to correct that situation, won’t we. Pick a piece of paper and we will perform that service, then since you will then be a customer, you can pick another to be your treat.” I stuttered some, started several sentences but finally gave in, no logical words were coming from my mouth, just gibberish. I reached in with my free hand and picked a piece of paper, then handed it to her.

I have no idea why I handed it to her, maybe because she was still holding onto my one hand. She read it aloud and I groaned, it was a set of false eyelashes, glamour length, both top and bottom eyelashes. To my knowledge Vanessa never had indulged in something like that so I really had no idea what it entailed or would look like.

The lady pulled on me, taking me deeper into the salon, not the direction I wanted to go. I tried to drag my feet, but the lady was larger than me and had no trouble getting me to follow her. I looked over to Vanessa who was getting her hair cut by her stylist, as her eyes were glued to my retreating figure. I did hear her giggle, her apparent enjoyment of the situation now bordering on hysterical laughter.

I never once thought of Vanessa taking advantage of the free service, just went along with the lady. My mind was trying to figure a way out of this, but I was in uncharted territory with no experience, so like a typical husband I did nothing. As we progressed to the back of the salon multiple scenarios appeared in my mind, none of them having much chance of saving me. So I dropped my head in submission, now succumbing to my apparent fate.

I was led to a back treatment room, the lady who had shanghaied me still holding on to me. Apparently she had surmised that if she let go I would flee the salon, an accurate assumption I might add. A couple of minutes later a scantily dressed technician came in with a tray of goodies, helped me to sit in the salon chair and leaned the chair all the way back. I was staring at the ceiling wondering how I could get out of this. My tech who introduced herself as Missy cleaned my eyelids with an astringent of some type, then pulled down her glasses, a magnifying type so she could see my individual eyelashes better.

Meanwhile my captor smiled, then released my belt buckle, sliding my pants down my legs in one smooth motion. I tried to react to save my pants, but my technician was leaning over me getting ready to apply the first lash. My hands just missed the waistband of my pants. Immediately the lady placed a cape over my body, as a huge grin was plastered on her face now. I presume she had seen the panties, not something a normal male might wear under his jeans. She leaned closer telling me that my pants would be with my wife for safe keeping, she didn’t want me running off before I got my free treat. She folded up the pants and waltzed out just like nothing had happened.

I groaned again, this just can’t be happening to me today. Missy my technician was giggling too, she told me to just put up with it, Francine always gets her way, but you will live through it just like all the others.

It took Missy over two hours to add each individual lash to my eyelids as they were added I could now see part of the lash in front of my eye. By the time she was done I was looking through a forest attached to my eyelids. Blinking quite often since the lashes seemed to require it. I hadn’t been able to see my face since I was laid back, but was already dreading my first look at my new enhanced eyes.

Vanessa was already done, had moved to the chair next to me and was watching the proceedings, quite often with a smirk on her face. I did notice that she made no effort to save me or lessen the effect. Then I saw Francine approaching again, with that damn box in her hand. I was tempted to run then remembered I didn’t have any pants on. I glanced over to Vanessa, not seeing my pants by her, I wondered where they had vanished to.

Francine slowly approached, setting the box on my lap as she took in my appearance. A huge grin appeared, she seemed to be quite happy at how I turned out. Then Francine and Vanessa started talking like they had been friends for years, the topic of conversation undoubtedly me since they both were looking at me with obvious smiles etched on their faces. I could hear some of the words but not enough to understand what they were talking about since they had moved a couple of stations over for their conversation. I was beginning to smell a rat here, but without pants and with Vanessa’s panties on my body, not sure if I should or could do anything about my predicament.

Missy finished the last addition to my lashes as she coated them with a clear liquid, her explanation that it was a sealer keeping them dark and lustrous. The lashes are permanent only falling off when the hair they were glued to naturally falls out. The chair was turned around and I got my first look at my new lashes. Oh gawd, I look like a female, the lashes transforming my whole face to that of a gorgeous female. Wait a minute she said permanent. Gawd my job, I won’t be able to show my face anywhere because I now look like a female. We aren’t talking about a male with feminine characteristics, we are talking about a natural female, only lacking in my lack of breasts and a feminine hairstyle. My heart rate soared, my breathing suddenly became frantic as some of the possible consequences of this started going through my mind. My face was gorgeous and I didn’t even have any makeup on.

Then Francine picked up one of my hands and placed it in the box that was sitting on my lap. I tried to remove it quickly, not wanting anything more to do with the box and its contents after my recent encounter with it. No chance, my hand was again placed in the box and told to pick one or she would ask my wife to pick three to make up for my reluctance. Shaking like a leaf on a fall day, I closed my eyes and reached deep down into the box, hoping the farther I dig down the less intrusive the choices would be. I again handed it to Francine, she took it and handed it to my wife.

My wife opened it, read what it said, then a huge smile landed on her face with some giggles erupting from her mouth. I let out a low groan and then promptly fainted. When I came to Vanessa was holding my head against her bosom, a nice warm place that I nestled into even more. My moment of happiness quickly vanished as she repeated the treat I would receive.

“Deluxe hair removal treatment including eyebrows. The cream treatment, including a moisturizer to soothe the skin after the treatment. A permanent treatment making any future hair removal unnecessary.

I was allowed some time with Vanessa privately as both Francine and Missy left to do other things. Vanessa leaned back some making me look at her directly eye to eye. “Francine had been extra nice to you, giving you two very expensive treatments essentially for free. I think the earlier escapade in the bathroom points out your fascination with some of this. For my sake you are going to allow this, embrace it fully and we will see where this all leads.” The long sexy kiss, that followed, pretty much wiped any words of protest from my mouth, now me as a sexy looking female the only thing remaining, at least, as far as my overworked mind was concerned. Closing my eyes still left the image of my long black lashes, so feminine and sexy, embedded in my brain.

The chair was laid back again, this time two extensions were added down by my feet. I was helped out of my few remaining clothes, the panties especially embarrassing. My feet were placed in the stirrups as my arms were attached to the armrests of the chair. Quickly, before I could figure out an argument to keep this from happening the front of my body was covered in the sweet smelling cream. It was left on for twenty minutes, then wiped off leaving my skin soft and hair free. My face and eyebrows were treated too, the cream left on for longer though. The disturbing thing was that my male equipment was also treated in the cream, now he had shrunk to a tenth of his usual size, apparently scared to death of what may happen next. Looking down he seemed so pathetic, limp and shriveled to almost minute proportions.

All during this time Vanessa was sitting next to me taking in all of the treatments and giggling like a school girl. I was released, then turned over and my backside handled in the same way. Vanessa went somewhere for a few minutes, a bag in her hand when she returned. Another cream was rubbed all over my body after I was released from the chair. Standing in the middle of the room as my body was coated in the perfumed cream was weird, naked and now hair free, an unusual feeling for a male. It did feel good, even junior seemed to like it as he tried to revive a little.

As soon as Missy left me, since my treatment is now complete I was reaching for some clothes. Vanessa stopped my efforts as she handed me a different pair of panties, then helped me slide them up my legs. Next was a silk camisole, I tried to refuse but as soon as Vanessa rubbed it over my smooth hair free chest I gladly accepted it. It felt so good.

I was looking for my pants, somehow they had still not shown up, but Vanessa did have something else for me to wear. I guess it could be called pants, it did have two legs but the resemblance ended there. The cuffs were extra wide, totally hiding my feet as they laid around my ankles. The top of the pants fit tight, molding to my body, then flaring out to the huge cuffs. I had to take in my breath as she buttoned the back of the pants at the waistband. Then I was handed a pair of loafers, not very masculine, more delicate looking leaving the majority of the top of my foot exposed. I knew Vanessa had several pair like these, only in more feminine colors. The shoes did compliment my pants, a dark brown in color while the pants were a light tan. The shirt I wore to the salon was slid over my head, and I am apparently finished. I almost raced for the door, the sooner I escape from here the better.

I could still see in my mind the image of my face with the long sexy lashes, the face no longer belonging to that of a male, much less a husband. In my haste to leave the salon I had not really taken a look at my face since the hair removal treatment. I suddenly remembered the cream being used on my eyebrows. Looking in the mirror as Vanessa was paying for her services I knew things would never return to what they were before I entered the salon. My eyebrows were non-existent, only a few hairs arched high above my eyes remained. That and my long lashes changed my gender, Allan now gone for good, a female image now in its place.

As Vanessa approached me, she handed me a discount card that would entitle me to thirty percent off discount on my next service. Since my pants had no pockets and my wallet was still missing I handed it back to her to put in her purse. I never did ask about the whereabouts of my keys and wallet, I was only concerned about getting out of the damn salon, as soon as possible.

Vanessa drove, with me in the passenger seat. Again no protest from me, the day had been a trying experience for me, the sooner I can think of something else the happier I will be. I did finally figure out we were not heading home after about thirty minutes of driving. When she pulled in to her BFF’s medical practice I suddenly became tense and nervous. I looked at her fear etched on my face and my voice quite child-like. “What are we doing here, are you seeing her for some problem?”

“You need to be checked out, my guess is you have a UTI and that can get serious if not handled promptly. Your peeing your shorts suddenly is one of the symptoms. Julie will not kill you and she has made some time for you without the need for any appointment. So you will behave, as she checks you out. We will go in the back door, so the humiliation of you in a gynecology office will be short lived and minimal. Of course, if you insist we can go in the front door and you can tell the receptionist you have an appointment. The decision is yours.

Julie was one of her oldest friends, a quite pleasant lady well thought of and quite personable. They had been friends since their first year in college, quickly resuming the friendship as soon as she finished medical school. Julie had built quite a reputation, both with her patients and the medical profession in the area. She was not married, but did attend most of the social functions in town. When she was invited to dinner with us, she always spent time with me, making sure I was treated like a good friend and not just a husband of a friend. She knew I liked the theater, getting us tickets every once in a while when a new production came to town.

We did go in through her back door, a much less humiliating way for me to see Julie. I was taken promptly to one of the examination rooms. The nurse left us right away and Vanessa helped me to disrobe. I remembered the panties and camisole and tried to hang on to my outer garments. Vanessa leaned closer telling me she will help me or if I prefer she could let the nurse undress me. The nurse seeing me this way was just too much for me, sending shivers all over my body. I laid my arms by my side and did not fight anymore. Once naked I was helped into one of the gowns with rear air-conditioning already installed, then eased up onto the table behind me. She had me scoot down on the table, putting my feet into the stirrups at the end of the table, my butt now just inches from the end of the table.

I opened my mouth, but was interrupted as Julie came into the room. I got a one handed hug and a compliment on my beautiful eyes. Then she took a urine sample, followed by a blood sample. I thought I would have to pee in a jar for the urine sample but Julie just placed a vial at the tip of my penis and pushed on my front right about where a kidney would be and I filled the vial easily. I never felt the needle enter my arm as she quickly and effortlessly took a blood sample. Those were handed to her nurse as she started to examine my body. She was very through, palpating my chest, lower stomach and my back. When she got to my back I winced when she touched a spot near my kidneys. Maybe Vanessa was right. My penis did not escape the examination as he was stretched out some as she checked him out. Then my ball sack was checked as well. I was sure I would get erect with her fondling my penis, but luckily junior was scared to death and stayed shriveled.

Julie asked a lot of embarrassing questions about sex, and if I sat to pee. I was even asked if I wiped my butt from front to back or back to front. The questioning ended as the nurse came back in with the results of the urine sample. I had a UTI and apparently a very bad case of it since the bacteria levels are so high. She wrote me several prescriptions that I was to take for the next month to make sure I got it cured up.

“Since you are wearing panties now, use a pad all the time and change it every four hours, no exception. As soon as my blush died down several shades I asked a stupid question. “With my penis in the way how am I going to be able to wear a pad?” I was hoping for some way to avoid wearing the pad, such a feminine thing for a male to succumb to. I saw her give a quick glance at Vanessa, then she laid me back on the table and told me to lay still. “I will fix you up in no time.”

Vanessa held my hand, standing between Julie and me. I could see some of what she was doing, then when she grabbed my penis and pushed it back between my legs I could certainly feel her touch on it I felt something cold, then her hand holding it back between my legs. Her and Vanessa were talking just like nothing was happening, something about a dance later in the month, but with my penis firmly in her hand pressed back between my legs I was unsure of what to say or do.

A while later Julie released my organ but he did not drop down in sight, it felt like he was glued to my groin, which I found out was now true. I turned instant red, trying to ask how I am supposed to have sex, but nothing but gibberish was coming out of my mouth. Julie got called to another patient, Vanessa helped me put on the panties and camisole then left me to put on the other clothes as she went out and paid for the office call. I was not spared putting a pad in the crotch of the panties, as the nurse entered the room holding a pad in her hands. The nurse after handing it to me stood and watched as I placed it in the panties. Then she reached in grabbing the pad and unfolded the wings and placed the pad as it should be, waiting for me to pull up the panties once again. I was more than embarrassed, at her having to help me, but resigned to my fate now.

The pad felt awkward, a thickness between my legs that was quite noticeable. Maybe not so much to others, but to me it was very obvious and unmistakable as to what it was. I did get dressed but just stood there, not able to process what had just happened. I did walk funny as Vanessa grabbed my hand and soon we were back in the car and headed home. It turned out that Julie’s office filled the prescriptions so Vanessa already had them in her purse.

I was awake I guess, no thoughts were being processed, still thinking about my male organ being glued to my groin and unavailable for use in sex. I guess with a male’s mentality, the obvious fact that I would now have to sit to pee was totally missed by my tiny overworked mind.

As we pulled into our drive, my mind suddenly went into full panic, there in the drive was our parent’s cars. Not just one set of parents but both sets. I was somewhat dressed as a female, long luscious lashes, panties and camisole, female pants, and a totally hairless body. I really tried to faint, or get violently sick, maybe a better way to get through this soon to be catastrophe. It turns out I was a failure at that too, Vanessa coming around to my side of the car and extracting me as tenderly as possible. She ended up backing into the house, as she held both of my hands in hers leading me to certain disaster, at least that was my opinion on the matter.

Our Dads were watching some sports on TV, but both Moms were headed my way. I tried to break free, the safety of our bedroom suddenly quite appealing. Each Mom found an arm and soon I was seated on the love seat in our living room. Vanessa was seated right next to me while our Moms were in wing chairs directly opposite the love seat. Thank goodness we had moved the TV to the den a couple of months ago. For some reason I didn’t want to face either Dad, especially mine looking so much like a female.

“You look quite lovely with those lashes, it was nice of Francine to treat you to a set, I am so envious of your natural beauty.” That statement was voiced by my mother, gawd can this day get any weirder. Don’t answer that. Wait a minute how does she know Francine, nothing was mentioned about the gal that got me into this mess.

Then my wife had to pull up my pant leg showing off my smooth hair free legs. Vanessa’s mother spouted the next words of wisdom. “What feminine name do you want to be go by? Allan doesn’t sound right any more. I turned even redder, as every drop of blood in my veins rushed to my head, my face must be such a sight now. Both Mothers just smiled, she blushes so easy now, a sign of a caring and thoughtful woman. I threw my head back against the love seat, hoping it would all end soon, very soon. Vanessa took my hand and explained to our Mothers everything, my mind in shock as my shorts being soaked, my UTI and my hairless body was discussed like it was an everyday occurrence for them.

I was speechless until they started discussing a new name for me. I was not consulted, several names being mentioned until Allie came up in discussion. It had been Vanessa’s idea, and now seemed to have had everybody’s approval except mine. Then to my horror our Dad’s came walking into the room looking directly at me then asked Vanessa to introduce me to her, She turned to me holding my hand tighter, this is my significant other Allie. Allie this is your Dad Will and my Dad Gus, say hello. Will smiled then made his way over to me, taking my hand from Vanessa and pulling me to my feet. I was pulled forward until my head was lying on his shoulder shaking like a bowl of Jello. He turned my head until I was facing him and gently kissed me on the cheek, putting both of his hands around my body and hugging me tightly to him. I melted in his arms, it felt so nice and I felt so protected in his arms.

I was pushed away, but he was still hanging on to my hand as he turned to Vanessa asking her if she had something a little dressier that I could wear to eat out in. Of course, that was the signal for Vanessa and the mothers to take me upstairs to get dressed, ready to go out. I tried to withdraw, even stomped my foot once we were in our bedroom. Mom smiled, it didn’t work when you were younger, and it isn’t going to work now. Of course, I suddenly had to pee, so all three witnessed me having to sit and use the toilet as a female. Vanessa handed me a fresh pad to insert in my panties as I finished wiping. It was definitely not a point and aim moment.

I never got my pants back up my legs as they soon drifted to the floor, gathering around my ankles. A few minutes later I was in one of Vanessa’s dresses and heels were being slid onto my feet. A coat of lipstick and I was being pushed out the door and downstairs. With my high ponytail I normally wore there was no Allan left to see. Allie was the only image visible here and now.

Dad even got the car door for me and Vanessa, while her Dad got the door for our Mothers. I ended up sitting between the Mothers, while Vanessa sat in the front between our Dads. I never spoke a word on the drive to a restaurant that we often ate at. The Maitre D showed us to a table and pulled out my chair for me. I did smooth my skirt as I sat, something I have seen Vanessa do hundreds of times in the past. I am not sure why, nobody told me to do it, when I did perform the action all of the females gave me a huge smile. Maybe it would have been better if I had just plopped my ass down on the chair. Both Mom and Vanessa were giving me knowing looks, having done something a male would never do on his own.

I played with my food, it was delicious, but my appetite had gone south, too much happening today and none of it what I wanted or desired. When the rest were finished we left the restaurant, back in the car and a longer ride back home, at least it felt like it. Both Moms suggested we go shopping for Allie, maybe tomorrow if I was free. Gawd that is all I need now, female clothes to match the female look.

Suddenly I thought of my job, I doubted my new look would be acceptable at my job, five years of working my way up in the company shot to hell in one disastrous day. As soon as we entered the house I ran to our bedroom, maybe if I pray a lot, a miracle might happen saving me from all of this. Vanessa did show up later, our parents now gone so she sat down next to me on the bed and grabbed my hands. I was rubbing them against each other, squeezing them hard, I guess in an attempt to make some of this go away. She made me look up at her, squeezing my hands until she had my full attention.

“I told you at the salon we were going to explore this situation, so that is what we are going to do. I have called your work and told them what has happened. Ms. Jennings your boss has no trouble with you showing up more feminine, she just asks that you are presentable at all times, so no bikinis or miniskirts. Both sets of parents are supportive of your explorations, they love you either way, although both of our moms are going to kid you for a while since you look so feminine right now. I know your Mom is jealous of your eyes, those lashes transforming your whole face to that of the female gender. I am sure when they see the rest of your hair free body, there will be no doubt as to Allie’s arrival on the scene.”

Now lay back and I am going to show you how much I care for Allie, please try to keep your vocalizations reasonable, we do not want to upset the neighbors. That is exactly what she did, for the next four hours no part of my body was missed. The absence of body hair seemed to make the skin more receptive, any touch or kiss sending shivers all throughout my body. When she finally quit, I was held tight to her body, I exhaled, my ordeal is finally over I hope. I never did escape her clutches that night, my frantic pleas the next morning to use the bathroom, the only thing allowing me to slide out of her arms. This time I did manage to make it to the bathroom without leaking all over the place. I did stand there in front of the toilet for a moment, till my brain kicked in, then promptly sat down.

When I returned to the bedroom, I was again sucked into her embrace, just standing there in the middle of the floor being hugged and cuddled. A few kisses for my ears and eyes, and instant shivers right after the kiss. I never knew my body could be so attuned to stimulation, if was like a switch was thrown, now even a slight air movement bringing all kinds of feelings to the forefront.

She did save me later, putting off the shopping trip until tomorrow right after work. She rummaged around in her closet, finding me a pair of slacks and a blouse for my day at work. I tried to plead with her, to not send me off to work as a female. I was dragged to a mirror, one look and I knew I would be a female at work today, the image so feminine even without any clothes on. I dressed in her clothes, but no bra for that I will be eternally grateful. She fixed my longish hair in another ponytail, tying it off with some ribbons then she added lipstick and dragged me to the car.

We were pulling out of the drive before I figured out she was taking me to work, there I would be stuck until she picks me up tonight. I tried to reason with her, her only comment is that if you drive, the police officer might be more than interested in the female without a driver’s license. I shut my mouth, I do wonder if other males have ever had difficulties like this, if so how did they cope. Hopefully much better than I was managing.

Work was okay, my boss moved me to a different department so that my co-workers would not see the new me. For that I was grateful. I did get lots of compliments on my looks, my lashes in particular. The females so in awe on how they looked, instantly desiring a set for themselves. I hope I get some benefit from all the referrals I gave Missy at the salon. Wait a minute, let me rephrase that. I hope she is happy about the referrals, but I seek nothing in return. The salon has already done more than enough for me, thank you.

I was so concerned about my look at work I didn’t realize the kind of job I was doing for my boss. At quitting time I was summoned to her office, my mind rapidly doing all the scenarios, mainly we no longer need you, since you look prettier than all the other females we just can’t have that. Pick up your belongings and get out. My factitious fantasy was far from what happened. Ms. Jennings greeted me and showed me to a small sofa in the corner of her room. She asked how the day had gone for me, if I had any troubles or situations that I could not handle. I responded no, everyone was nice, it was just me trying to live with what has happened to me over the weekend.

“Can you do the same thing every day for me, essentially as you did today?”

“I think so the work is easy, and I do enjoy seeing that things are handled quickly and in the proper way.”

“Good, as of tomorrow you are my P.A. full time, salary instead of hourly, with full benefits. Do as you did today and I will be quite happy. Incidentally the job is for Allie, dress as feminine as you want, dresses, heels and stockings would be nice, but I will allow a little time for you to adjust. Of course, makeup and a nice hairstyle would be preferred. When I attend corporate functions you will be expected to accompany me, taking notes and providing essential information with regards to our part of the company.” I might insert here that Ms. Jennings was a division manager, with over four hundred employees.

“I have contacted H.R. and had them change the mistake they made on you original employment application. You are now a female employee of the corporation, hired a little over five years ago. I have mentioned all of this to Vanessa, she suggested that you get your things gathered up as she is on her way to pick you up. That way there will be time to get you a proper wardrobe for tomorrow. She will pick up something to nibble on as you head home. I stood up ready to head to the office door, not understanding much of this, I was expecting to get fired, but I think I was promoted or is that a lateral move. Either way it was totally unexpected especially the part of not getting fired.

I was hugged at the front door of our building by Vanessa, only able to take a few steps before I was assaulted. Dragged to her car, as she opened my door for me. She helped me with my seat belt, then we headed home. I slipped out of my heels trying to reach down to rub my feet, my seat belt preventing that action. It did feel good to have them off though. In the future Vanessa suggested that I leave them on till the end of the day, with the heels off the feet swell some, making them harder to get back on to walk into the house. To go shopping tonight a different pair of heels can be worn, minimizing the problems somewhat.

Oh gawd, I have to go shopping tonight. I looked quickly toward Vanessa to see if she might call off the shopping trip, but that huge smile of hers meant that it would not get canceled. With both Moms it would be worse, I wonder if they will just buy me things or if I have to try them on too. Another pitiful look at Vanessa, the giggling that erupted a sure sign of my compliance to her desires during the shopping trip.

In a last ditch effort to exert some control of the situation, I told her that I would not go shopping for clothes, I am a male and will not wear any more feminine clothes. In the next block she pulled over to the side of the road, then suggested I look in the vanity mirror on the visor. I pulled the visor down, an image of a female is all that I saw.

“Let’s face it you are every bit a female except for breasts and a vagina, both of which we can handle if you want to try it out. Living as a male with those lashes and hairless body will be ten times worse that living as a female wearing some makeup and female clothes. We are five blocks from the mall, I can drop you off there, and you can go in and buy yourself a plain shirt and a pair of jeans. Change into them and see how well you can survive life as a male. So what do you want to do, the mall to get male clothes or go shopping for female clothes later tonight?”

My head dropped down, I was beat and I knew it. Even dressed in a shirt and jeans I would look feminine, drawing even more attention to me, attention I don’t want anything to do with. I slipped my feet back into the heels, put my visor up and told Vanessa I was ready to head home, get something to eat then go shopping. What Vanessa said about the heels was true, it was difficult to slide my feet back into them after having them off for a while. That was the last time Allan made any attempt to slow down the runaway freight train. Allie was ready to suffer the consequences of her actions, maybe even enjoy a few of them.

The shopping trip was fun, once I relaxed a little. By the fourth store I was finding my own choices and trying them on in the dressing rooms. Loaded with bags we made our way back home, since our Mothers paid for most of my clothes our budget survived intact. Vanessa hinted at some services the salon offered, a good use of the saved money. I kept quiet, but did not poo-poo the idea. I knew breasts for sure were not far down the road for me.

It took us a while to hang all of my new clothes, my older male clothes boxed up to go to charity. I was wanting to hang on to the male image, but I doubted he would survive. Dressing as a female was not that bad, the clothes were sensuous and more comfortable than most of my male things. Softer would be the key word in my description. Maybe if I had never tried the female clothes I would not have noticed the difference. Now though removing my panties and sliding up a pair of male shorts there was night and day difference in how they felt. So remove the boy shorts, then slip up a pair of panties, pure un-adulterated bliss.

My new job worked out well, a few days into the job I was accompanying her on her meetings, having the information she needed at my disposal. The money was better, I liked the work better and no one made any connection with my former Allan self and the new Allie.

The second week of the job I was wearing some padding in my bra, the difference in how my clothes fit, well worth the effort. A week later I asked Vanessa to make me an appointment to get a set of the salon breasts for myself. I left the lower anatomy cover-up up to her, if she could live with the female genitals I was on board. If she wanted my male bits that is also okay with me.

On Saturday I had an appointment at the salon, Vanessa making sure I took my discount card with me in my purse. I was getting used to carrying one now, a necessity to handle all of my cosmetics and pantie liners. The UTI was getting better, the doctor telling me that after I exhausted my current prescriptions it should be cured up. Six hours after I walked into the salon, the last of Allan bit the dust. I now had C cup size breasts and a matching cute slit surrounded with two puffy lips. Vanessa saw the new appliances at the salon, suddenly getting me home became a priority. I never did get dinner that night, not that I can say I missed it.

Lying in bed that night staring at the ceiling I reminisced about Francine and the selections from that damned box. If I had refused to pick one most of this would probably not have happened. Then again her persistence gained her a new customer, my twice weekly scheduled appointments so that I will always look my feminine best. We have become quite good friends, but she will still not tell me if her first offer of services was planned or by accident. She does get a huge smile on her face when the subject is brought up. Whatever the reason I am indebted to her, a change in my life that I am enjoying quite a bit. Incidentally it is a change that I will live with from now on, Vanessa seconds that thought anytime she is asked. Lashes was the first step, soon breasts and a cute vagina were added. I am sure there will be lots more added, Allie needs to become her feminine self.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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