Patty; Hold Me Tight

The company I worked for was planning a talent show to help raise funds for a day care center for the employees. The CEO had promised to match any funds raised, dollar for dollar, so the enthusiasm to put together a good show was shared by all. Most of the people that worked for the company were middle income, so a day care facility would help the majority of the employees. The company would staff the center at no charge, just was not in a position to build the facility and outfit it in this depressed economy. They planned to use a double wide manufactured home for the day care center, placing it on a corner of their business property. The funds we needed were not that large, we felt we could raise the needed funds easily. With the matching funds from the company all of the furnishings and playground equipment could be purchased.

Our company was a distributor of several lines of products, buying large volumes of items, then breaking them down and shipping to individual drugstores and small chains. Among the products we carried were candy, beauty products, snack food, over the counter pills of all types, even a full line of toys. Since there is over forty thousand items in our inventory it is labor intensive. We used automated pullers, picking up standard packs (modules) to assemble the orders. Some manufacturers furnished the product in these standard modules, but for the rest we had to make up the modules ourselves.

It was left to some of the executives to organize this talent show. We had people from every department in the company, I was volunteered by my boss Sandra, as the token person from Human Resources. I was her assistant in the department and handled most inter company relations with regards to personnel. A fancy way of saying if she didn’t want to do it, it became my job.

We had a good relationship between us, got along well and between us kept any personnel problems almost non-existent. There is only one other employee in Human Resources, a secretary who does data entry, and she works part-time.

There were fifteen of us in the hastily called meeting, our job to find, and pick ten to twelve acts for the talent show. We ironed out the details of the show, where we were going to put on the show and what admission price we wanted to get. Of course, a lot depended on the talent we could identify. Several of the supervisors knew of some people in their department that played instruments or could dance. So we started compiling a list of possible talent. From several of them we heard of three females that did a very good impression of the Andrews Sisters, even appearing in a couple of clubs in nearby towns when amateur night is held. My boss plays a mean piano, I am sure I can rope her into doing an act.

When the meeting concluded we had a list of twenty possible acts. We were going to contact each of them, then hold an audition to see how good they are. I pulled the Andrews Sisters impersonators and my boss as ones that I needed to contact and tell them about the audition. The three girls doing the impersonation worked in accounting. When I got there I swallowed hard, the one gal that is the head of the group I used to date. Thankfully it ended amicably, at the time it just seemed we were not meant to be a couple.

Her name is Diana, a very good employee already singled out to promote as soon as the new fiscal year starts. I approached her desk right before lunch, asking if she had a moment to discuss the talent show. She smiled, then kidded me about getting the short straw, having to talk to her. I hugged her telling her that anytime I get the chance to spend a little quality time with her, it is well worth my time. She acted like she is gagging, we both break out in laughter at her action.

I ask her if I can buy her lunch and surprisingly she agrees. We head out of the complex to a little restaurant right down the street. We find a table and order something to eat. I get right down to business, asking her if her group will try out for the show. She agrees, but warns me that if Janice’s husband ends up getting transferred at the end of the month they won’t be able to help. Janice’s husband works for the only other company in town, an auto parts distributor, they have been strongly hinting that they might transfer him out to one of their larger warehouses.

We talk a little about their group, she plays a video on her phone of one of their songs. They have the costumes, courtesy of Diana’s mother and the voices blend seamlessly. She asks how I am doing, at the time of our dating I was not in upper level management. I made a face when she mentioned upper level management, both of us ended up giggling at my reaction. I tell her it is alright, but there has to be something better somewhere.

The town is small, the two companies the only businesses in town. There is a bank, a Ma and Pa grocery, this diner, and an insurance agent. Everything else is in the nearby town, about forty minutes away. Since there is no other place to work, you have a choice of one or the other company to get employment at.

We finish our meals, I pay the bill and we walk back to the warehouse. I informed her when the rehearsals are and she told me they would be there. I walked back to our office and got to work on my boss. Before I can get two words out, she tells me that she wants no part of the show. I ask her where her company spirit is, she looks back at her work and ignores me. I tried the pester to death approach, finally she smiles and tells me that if I am in the show as part of an act she will play the piano, but that is the only way. I figured she knew that I would never appear in any show so she is safe.

I try to tell her that I have no talent, but she just repeats her mantra. I let the subject drop, although I was able to get her to play one song at the auditions. Five days before the rehearsal Diana came to my office to see me. Janice’s husband got the transfer, they are leaving the first of next week so there participation in the show very doubtful. She got close to me, leaning in where she could whisper in my ear.

“Do you still do the female voices that you did when I first met you? I turned every color of red, but told her it has been ages since I have done any of them. I knew the room is getting hotter. I reached to my shirt collar to let a little of the heat out. In the interest of the show, she wanted me to come over tonight to see if my voice might blend with hers and Beth’s. In her living room, no pressure, just play some of their songs and sing along to see if this might work. I tried to refuse, but she grabbed my arm and asked if I could please make an exception and do this for her.

I was never able to refuse her before, that still holding true now. She said she would make some snacks, maybe some popcorn and if I could bring some sodas. I told her that it has been so long since I had done any of the voices I doubted I still could. She insisted that I try, you never know these days. She went back to work and I started worrying, that is a part of my life I had managed to leave several years ago and had no interest in bringing it back to the here and now.

I picked up some diet drinks on my way home from work, changed clothes then headed over to Diana’s. Beth is already there, the two of then giggling and having a good time. They pulled me onto the couch in between them and started a tape of some of the Andrew’s Sisters songs. Some of them I had never heard before so I listened to them several times. Diana pulled me up from the couch and told me it is show time. I tried every excuse I could come up with, she isn’t having any part of it. Finally she and Beth get up and started singing the songs. I joined in and about half way through the chorus they suddenly stopped. I kept singing till I realized they had quit and looked directly at Diana.

“Yep you can still do the voices, that was awesome and to think you don’t even know all of the lyrics yet.” I quickly slumped down on the couch and put my head in my hands. I am sure there are a few tears seeping out, all of that part of my life now front and center again. Diana grabs Beth and they go to the kitchen, I hear some talking, then I hear the door and Beth has left. Diana sits beside me again and asks what is wrong, I know this is bothering you but I can’t figure out why.

Over the next hour she manages to extract my feelings about the voices. It is a gift that very few people have, but every time I have tried to use them, I have been subjected to ridicule and abuse. When I started with the company I vowed never again, the subject has come up once or twice, but luckily those people have moved away or forgot about it.

My junior and senior years at high school and my years at junior college were a living hell. Addressed as a female all of the time, constant jokes about my sexual preferences, my clothes quite often replaced in P.E. and having to attend class as a female till I could go home and change. My senior year in high school the only name used in reference to me is Patty. In fact at my senior prom I was taken outside by a couple of the football players and stripped and forced into a dress. I never did find my male clothes, my date abandoned me, and I had to walk the four miles to my house in heels, they had placed my keys inside my car and locked it.

I get a big hug from her. “Let’s back off a little and take things real slow. Learn some of the lyrics of the songs, and in a couple of days come sing with Beth and me. If you still have doubts after that I will let it drop. In school you were still dressed as a male, here you will be in costume, I am sure we can keep your identity a secret from everyone. The act is popular, we were even thinking of signing a contract to do some appearances, when this came up with Janice’s husband. For me try it out, it is for a good cause, with you in the show your boss has to play the piano that definitely is a win-win.”

“Just one step at a time, before we go to the next one.” She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, my willpower suddenly vanishing. I often wondered why we did break up, I know now that a strong attraction exists between me and Diana. It might not be mutual, but at least from my side the fires are burning hot, real hot. When she kissed my cheek, there were fireworks going off in my head, my stomach was doing flip flops and my mouth suddenly went as dry as the Sahara desert.

We did take it slow and easy, she had given me a lyric book for the Andrew’s Sisters songs, so for the next few days I memorized all the lyrics. Then on a Wednesday she invited me over to sing with them. Walking up to her door, I was as nervous as a cat in a doghouse. I received a hug as I entered, even Beth gave me a hug. Diana had a tape of all their songs, just music, no words. We began singing with the tape, and within a song or two I got into the spirit of it. All of their songs are upbeat, fun songs and soon we had completed the tape.

Unbeknownst to me Diana had made a tape of the evenings efforts. We set on the couch and listened to one of the songs she had recorded, it sounded pretty good. Then she played the original of the Andrews sisters, the voices and the song were almost a perfect match. Both Beth and Diana leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, welcome to the group. According to Beth the harmonies with me in the group were better than with Janice.

We talked a little more about the audition this Friday, and I reluctantly agreed to participate. Beth had to pick up her kids from the babysitter, so she left. Diana dragged me to her bedroom, opened her closet and pulled out one of their dresses. She removed my shirt and helped me slide the dress over my head. She adjusted it on me and slid up the zipper. It was a snug fit, the breasts not filled out any, but otherwise it looked good on me. She told me we would audition in our regular clothes, she had enough pictures of the group to show everyone, I was almost a perfect match to what Janice looked like in the pictures.

I would indeed be the Patty in the group, the color of my hair and my facial features most resembling her. The next day it was all I could do to keep from throwing up, my nerves getting the best of me. Finally Friday had arrived, I did lose my breakfast before I managed to calm down some. We were the last group to audition on purpose, to keep the number of people that knew of my impersonation to a minimum. Diana had made it clear to all of the committee that there is no leak of who the Patty is in the trio. If the information leaked out they would not sing in the show.

She got a couple of funny looks from some of the other committee members, but after we sang the first song, they all wholeheartedly agreed to keep my identity safe. I had stood to the side, then when the song started I walked over and joined in singing. There were many raised eyebrows by the committee, but by the time the song was over they all were clapping wildly.

Diana and Beth left, while myself and the rest of the committee members discussed the acts. We agreed on twelve acts, the trio I was now a part of getting the most votes. They wanted us to be the featured act, singing a total of five songs.

The other acts were a couple of singers, the male particularly good. A magician with his assistant done more for laughs than any actual magic. My boss playing the piano, she is really good, much more professional than any of us imagined. I am sure she was still upset at having to play, she thought her demand that I be in the show would keep her safe. So much for thinking. Two dancers who did some modern dance routines, and three comedians, surprisingly two of them female. Two people who played instruments, one a trumpet and one a violin. The violinist particularly good playing more modern songs that were upbeat and catchy. The Drew Sisters making the twelfth act. That is the name the girls used for their act, a simple variation of the name. All in all a pretty good lineup for a talent show.

A company email is sent out to all employees letting everybody know when the show is where it is being held at, and the what admission price is. It encouraged everybody to buy tickets early to assure they get their tickets. The next day at lunch it is announced that the show is sold out. Talk about some additional pressure, me singing as a female, in costume and before a sold out audience.

We are using the high school gym for the show, since it is a multi-functional building it could seat a little over three thousand people, that’s half of the population of the town. A lot of the functions held in the town are held in the building. It had a portable stage and an excellent sound system, making it a perfect choice to house the talent show.

Diana took me to lunch the next day, wanting to talk about my transformation to the female sex. There is a salon in the neighboring town that specializes in helping males to look their feminine best, so she made me an appointment for the following day.

“Don’t you think you are pushing it a little? There is several days left before the show and I still have to work.” She thought it best that I get a little exposure in the clothes and makeup before the show since I haven’t dressed as a female before. They had already talked to my boss, gaining her permission to work as a female for the three days before the show. I groaned, this can’t get any worse, dressed for the show not bad enough, now several days at work also.

An hour later she had sweet talked me into it, promising to go with me to the salon to hold my hand. She had picked a couple of her outfits for me to wear to work, all I needed is the actual transformation to that of a female. I asked her what all is to be done to me, she just smiled. “Just enough to make you look like Patty Andrews.” At that moment I should have pulled up a picture and examined it closely, then flatly refused the transformation. Instead I believed Diana, and meekly agreed to accompany her to the appointment the next day. My suspicions should have kicked in when she appeared at my apartment the next day with some clothes for me to wear to the salon, none of which are remotely masculine.

I had to change into the sweat suit she had brought me to wear, the bright yellow color of it making me stand out at any distance. She brushed out my shoulder length hair and placed it in a high ponytail with a yellow scrunchie to hold it. The image I saw as she dragged me to her car was not a male Pat, but the name Patty now seemed to be a more logical choice. The changes that I would experience that day would affect my life in more than a casual manner.

The Turnabout Gurl Salon is more than impressive as we entered the building. The illusion the décor created is like entering a world of extreme femininity. Everything about the salon is girly, the predominant pink color just the first thing you noticed. Along the walls are picture after picture of some of their customers, more than a few having male names. Gina is to be my technician today, she introduces herself and then takes me back to one of the more private rooms. Diana followed making sure that I didn’t run for the hills if given the opportunity.

Stripped to my birthday suit, a cream them applied to my skin everywhere but my head. Twenty minutes later I was hairless, and utterly humiliated. Diana had set through all of this, watching as one of my few masculine features is totally removed. She didn’t seem to be bothered by my now partially female looking body, but in my eyes I was less than before, now not worthy of her respect or love. I realized then I was still in love with her.

While still on the table breasts forms were laid on my chest and the proper location marked with a marker. Gina added adhesive to the breast forms and my chest and I now had the most noticeable part of a females anatomy glued to my chest. When Gina moved to my groin I started to protest. Diana held me in her arms, whispering that it is only temporary but will protect my identity. Her kiss on my cheek sealed the deal, an hour later I looked just like a female in between my legs. On her way to my cheek her lips brushed over mine, any protest that I might have had vaporized instantly.

I zoned out after that, I think Gina added hair to my own, in fact several people seemed to be playing with my hair at the same time. Three hours later I had hair to my shoulder blades, at least a foot longer than I normally had. When I brought my hand up to feel the extra mass of hair I noticed that I had long fingernails, polished in a bright red color with an unbelievable shine to them. I don’t remember them doing anything to my hands, so apparently, I was out cold at the time of the extensions being applied to my fingernails, or lost in my worry.

Yeah, right I was always awake, eyes open, but my mind was not aware of what was happening. Gina piercing my ears I was aware of, the pop of the piercing gun making an impression on my wandering mind. My eyebrows were plucked, I didn’t want to go this far, but the damage had already been done. When you have breasts and a vagina, pencil thin eyebrows are not really a concern anymore.

Gina did my makeup in the colors of the era of the Andrews Sisters, bright vibrant colors the ones used during those times. When she finished a mirror was held in front of me, the image reflected not of my old self. Then Diana held a picture up of Patty Andrews next to the mirror, the only difference my lack of a hairstyle of that era. Diana knew that she had used up all of my patience, so she told Gina we would be back in a couple of days to get the hairstyle needed to make the impersonation complete.

I was led to her car, though walking on my own, but didn’t realize where I was going or what I was doing. She took me to her home, then led me inside. I was lost in thought, not even realizing where I was. She set me on the couch, gathered me in her arms then kissed me. A flicker of what is happening went through my mind, but only for a few moments. She got me a soft drink, then just held me until I regained lucid thought. She finally got me talking some, the shock of seeing me as a female gradually softening some.

I tried to tell her repeatedly that I just couldn’t do this, my mind can’t handle it. Finally she took me to her bedroom undressed me and gave me a silky pair of pajamas to wear and pulled the covers over me. She went to the bathroom coming out later in a nightie that instantly had my interest. She got in the bed just cuddling me, with her one hand on my breast. She played with it for quite some time, the nipple getting quite hard, but never going down. Impossible for a glued on breast form, but yet it was hard and pointy.

I lost consciousness sometime in the early morning hours, Diana waking me around eight-thirty. She got me dressed, a cute silky pair of pants that flared out at the cuffs to huge proportions almost like a skirt. The blouse was of the same fabric, feeling so good as she slipped it over my bra. When I looked in the mirror, there was no sign of the male Pat. As she was applying some makeup to my face, she told me that I was no longer male, I am a female both in body and soul. I am good at my job and belong to an up and coming singing group, now Pat is a thing of the past, I don’t want you acting like him today or tomorrow. She had applied all of my makeup except for lipstick, she paused then kissed me on the lips passionately, and then before I could recover she applied the lipstick.

The next thing I knew I was in her car and headed to work. She had to drag me out of the car, then after we had passed security she pushed me towards Personnel. When I reluctantly walked through the door, my boss took one look at me and then the next thing I remembered is being fiercely hugged. She helped me to my desk, asking if I was going to be Patty from now on. I tried to deny it, but my hesitation seemed to speak volumes for me.

It was not talked about any more that day, I performed my duties with very little problem. A couple of females saw through my disguise, but the only comment was positive, wanting to know if I was going to stay female. I again spent the night with Diane, her cuddling me all through the night. I could get used to the cuddling, a wonderful feeling to be held and knowing that you are loved and cared for. Back at the salon bright and early the next day, today was the day, a feminine hairstyle, followed by the talent show tonight. Beth and Diane had run through the five songs we were going to sing once, after hearing them they decided one practice was enough. In a way I was glad about that, the more my mind thought about the show the more scared and nervous I became.

My hair was washed and conditioned, then set in rollers followed by time under a dryer till the hair was sufficiently dry. The curlers were removed and my style was brushed out. I was watching in the mirror as she created the style, my few remaining traces of masculinity vanishing as she applied hair spray to the style. It was retro, that is for sure, my hairstyle like what my mom wore when I was younger. It did seem to fit me, now when compared to the picture I was almost identical to the real Patty Andrews.

I was pronounced ready and we headed for the school gym. As she drove to the gym my panic level progressed, I was visibly sick as she pulled into the parking lot.

She turned off the car, made me face her and laid down the law to me. You make a beautiful woman, you are extremely talented and I am head over heels in love with you. Now are you going to grow up and acknowledge these things or am I going to spank you on stage tonight for our portion of the entertainment. Believe me I will if you don’t calm down and be yourself.

She got out of the car and came around to my side and opened my door. She reached in and grabbed my hand and helped me out. She maneuvered me next to her and laid me back against the car as she passionately kissed me on the lips. My mind went blank, the next thing I remembered is being led onto the stage and the music starting for our first song. That incidentally was two hours later, I really don’t remember anything that happened during the time that I got there, the kiss and our first song.

Once the music started I joined in, the upbeat song kind of took over my body, I was moving and swaying, my skirt brushing up against my legs, the only thing I felt. Then when the song ended, the deafening applause of the audience made all the difference in the world. I was hooked, my chest swelling with pride and enthusiasm. Immediately I started in on the next song, the accompanist having to catch up, I danced around, swayed to the music, generally making a fool out of myself. It felt so good to be singing, my heart and body joining in on the celebration.

After each song the applause seemed to get louder, when Diane announced that was the end of our part of the show, all we heard was no from the audience. We walked off stage to applause, the next act did their thing. Overall the show was a success, it was well appreciated by everybody, and the MC for the evening announced each act again for the curtain call, with us last. He had thanked everybody for coming and told everyone that the event had raised almost enough for the daycare center, just five thousand dollars short. I had mentioned to both Diane and Beth that we should do another song for an encore. Beth suggested we sing a song for every thousand dollars they contributed, we had several that we had practiced, but had not sung. When we were called out on stage, we curtsied to the audience, then Diane took the microphone and asked if they would contribute the needed funds we would sing five more songs.

We saw hands going up everywhere waving bills at the stage. The other performers went down into the audience collecting the money and we started singing. By the time we had finished the fifth song the MC had told everyone that the goal had been met, and thanks to everybody, most importantly the new Drew Sisters. The roar of the audience after that was so loud that you couldn’t say anything and be heard. We finally left the stage and back to the make shift dressing room. The MC came back asking Diane to speak to the two visitors standing at the door.

She went over to talk to them then came running back telling us to not change clothes. We were being invited out to a late dinner and a business proposal. I figured somebody wanted us to perform for another fund raising affair, so I didn’t see any harm in it. Besides I didn’t want to change clothes here, I much preferred the privacy of home. The business proposal turned out to be an offer of a contract. The same two people that had talked to them when Janice was a part of the group were now offering much more. This time with me in the group there was no hesitation at all. We listened to their proposal, but told them we needed to discuss the deal among ourselves before getting back to them.

It had been a long day, so we decided to wait until tomorrow before discussing the contract. I went home with Diane again, but she refused to talk about the deal tonight. She made some hot chocolate and we nibbled on some fudge candy that she had made a couple of weeks ago. We ended up falling asleep on her sofa, cuddled up together at the end, my head snuggled under her arm.

Well you can guess what happened, we met the next day and discussed the deal, deciding to give it a try for a couple of months, then stop and re-evaluate the deal. It was a way out of the town, a way to experience a little of what was out there to enjoy in life. I did stay working in Personnel as a female, our foray into the entertainment business was mainly on the weekends playing to small clubs and an occasional concert as a lead in group. Our popularity steadily rose, now we were getting more offers to perform, our agents now quite busy scheduling when we would perform.

I was now living as a female all the time, of course Diane made me move in with her, how can she cuddle me all the time if I live across town. When the job offer of being one of the main acts of a Las Vegas mega show was offered we talked long and hard about it. It was a full time job, appearing six nights a week and one matinee appearance every other week. The money was exceptional, they would furnish all clothing and beauty services. I was the only hold out, it seemed to be so permanent. Before this offer I thought I still had control of my life, being able to go back to being a male any time I wanted. As Diane pointed out to me that was only in my head. My appearance was more feminine than either Beth or Diane, probably because I was going to the salon twice a week, and according to her enjoying it way too much.

I did convince them to a three day trial to make sure it was as advertised. When we arrived in Vegas we were shown to a beautiful suite, our home while we were performing. Then to our dressing rooms backstage where we were fitted for our costumes. I was drooling as I saw my image in the mirror as each dress was fitted to my body. Diane’s Mom was good at creating the dresses we first wore back home, but these creations would take your breath away. Then on to the salon, the same business we used back home, but the salon was huge compared to ours. I lost track of Beth and Diane as I was pampered and fussed with for over five hours. As they were finishing working on me I realized my return to some measure of maleness was not going to happen in this lifetime if ever.

As we left the salon I felt like a princess, my looks were totally female, in fact as we were heading back to the hotel I was complimented on my beauty. A fact that Diane and Beth obviously had trouble with. Diane whispering to me that when you put a male in a dress and he gets more male attention that a genetic female does, there has to be something basically wrong here.

Our first show went off without a hitch, the audience reaction quite phenomenal. It was fun for me, the crowd quickly joining in making the experience that much better. According to Diane I was swishing all over the stage, making goo goo eyes at some of the males in the front rows. I blushed at that revelation, I was just having fun, caught up in the moment. After the first show we were visited by the casinos manager, wanting to know if he could add a couple more shows to the weekly schedule. He had already talked to our manager, and authorized the extra pay if we agree. Diane looked at Beth first, then over at me. When she saw the expression on my face she broke out laughing. Yeah, we will do the extra shows this week, but any further shows the contract will have to be re-visited. We all got hugs as he thanked us.

We did the extra shows, our manager negotiated for almost three weeks before a contract was ironed out. It ended up being for five years, three shows during the week and one each weekend day. Two matinees every other week and of course a suite for where we would live. All of our clothes would be furnished, most of them custom made for us. Twice a week salon services from the same salon we used back home, and a makeup/hair stylist from the salon for each of our shows. Of course we signed, Diane and Beth ecstatic at the deal. I was happy at the financial terms, but the five year part had me worried. I doubted my male self would last five years in hiding, where that would leave me, especially with Diane a great concern. It took her a couple of days to extract my concerns, but Diane managed and set me down and straightened me out.

“Stupid. I love you and that will never change. Whether it is the female part of you or the male part is of no concern to me. Now you will straighten up now, or I will solve the problem by taking a knife and castrating you. If you do not believe me, give it a try. I will not allow you to beat yourself up over this. You are Patty in more than one way, your enthusiasm on stage and your actions so like her performances of the past. Everybody loves the female Patty, myself at the top of the list. Now are we good, or do I need to take some drastic action.

I swallowed hard, then leaned in to kiss her on her lips. Well that kiss went on for quite some time, only pausing to get a fresh breath. I never thought about it anymore, my life as Patty now the path for me. Five years of shows, possibly a recording contract and Diane at my side, I am so looking forward to it.

So we are officially a hit. Diane took me aside to make sure I was okay with this, since I would be the one that might be affected the most. I got a passionate kiss, causing my heart to skip a beat. When the beating resumed as normal we cuddled each other, with me whispering if she will love me this way, pointing to my female look. Well that was a stupid question to ask as my throat was probed immediately by her tongue and my breasts were squeezed and palpated. I guess that could be considered a yes. I am Patty in the group and like the song says Hold Me Tight. I am in heaven.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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