Mandy; A Perfect Haircut

I had taken my girlfriend to her beauty salon appointment, since her car was in the shop being repaired. The repairs were necessary as a result of a traffic accident. Luckily for her the car took the brunt of the damage, Natalie just receiving a few scrapes and a damaged ego. She thrived on being independent, so being without wheels really affected her behavior and mood.

We were planning to go to a movie afterwards so I told her I would do some shopping at a sporting goods store a few doors down from her salon. I waited until she was taken back to a treatment room, then turned to leave. I noticed a sign at their front check in desk about getting a perfect haircut. Pay for a scan of my facial features and I would get the perfect haircut for free. The scan was only ten dollars, heck I will spend a lot more that that at the sporting goods store. My hair was getting longer, probably a trim would be beneficial. Then as an added bonus a relaxing manicure will be added for the first twenty to take advantage of the offer.

I stopped to ask about the deal, the receptionist looking at her appointment book telling me they had one opening left on the special. She could get me in right away, I should be finished before my girlfriend finished with her appointment. I am not one to pass up a deal when I see one, so I took the appointment. I was led in a different direction than my girlfriend, ending up on the other side of the salon. A technician appeared right away, brushed my hair out from the ponytail I usually kept it in, then positioned the scanner directly in front of me. It was only a couple of minutes later when it had completed my scan. A picture appeared on her screen, of what my hairstyle should be, a perfect look to match my facial features.

She asked if I wanted to see what my perfect look will be like, I told her no just surprise me. I had a lot of faith in their skill as hairdressers since Natalie my girlfriend always looked fantastic when she was finished with her appointment. I did not think of the obvious, Natalie was a female and I was a male, so looking fantastic after my haircut might not be what I was envisioning.

I found the perfect cut came with a free glass of wine, for any new customers of the salon. I usually never drink any thing alcoholic, but knew if it affected me more than usual Natalie could drive. The word free did affect my decision to accept it. Since I was not a regular wine drinker I forgot about drinking any alcohol on an empty stomach and the effects it would have on my body. It was sweet, if I knew wine could be this sweet and not bitter like all the ones I had tried in the past I might have became a regular connoisseur of the beverage.

I sipped the wine as my locks were brushed out and the split ends removed, a most pleasant experience. Then my chair was leaned back and she washed and conditioned my hair. I was amazed at the number of products she applied to my hair, but her massage as she spread them throughout my locks felt so good. I was feeling relaxed and invigorated, now quite aware of why Natalie loves her salon time.

Another one of the technicians appeared and slipped my hands into a warm silky bowl of water. She asked what color polish I wanted and I told her to just pick one. I totally missed the word color in her question. That answer delivered as she was massaging my hands, each finger getting all kinds of tingling sensations as she was doing so. I was closing my eyes savoring the feelings as my hands and hair were fussed over. I may have to make an appointment along with Natalie, no sense letting her receive all the enjoyment from time at the salon.

I was getting a little drowsy. My eyes closing often and for longer periods of time. Then one of them would do something with my hair or hands and my eyes would spring back open. I felt warm air caressing my head, as something being wrapped around some of my hair. The warm air did me in and I slumped in the chair. I was woken as my hands were being moved under another warm source of heat, then I was out to the world again. This happened two or three more times as I was woken, then promptly dozed off again.

Then I received a kiss on my lips as someone held her hands alongside my face making me look directly at her. It was Natalie, looking as beautiful as always. I leaned into the kiss and was lost in all the erotic sensations that were assaulting my mind. Kissing in the salon will have to be a necessity from now on, I definitely did not know what I was missing. I raised my hands to prevent her from pulling away and saw another pair of very feminine hands in my vision. I guess one of the technicians had her hands between Natalie and me. I moved my hand and the hand in front of me did the same. My mind had not fully woke up, the wine I had consumed still had me in its embrace.

Finally Natalie turned my chair around so it was facing a mirror. I saw my sister looking back at me, only she had somehow grown her hair longer. I wonder when she arrived, the last I heard she was shooting a job some where in Hawaii. She is a fashion photographer and quite well respected in her field. I moved my head and sis did the same.

Then it all came together in one big heart stopping revelation. I was looking at me in the mirror and the female image was gorgeous. I raised my hands to touch my hair and saw ten delicate feminine nails painted in a burgundy polish and oh so pretty. I closed my eyes, opened them hoping all of this was just a dream, a very vivid dream I might add. Natalie pulled me from the styling chair and led me over to a love seat in this corner of the salon. She sat me down and promptly sat on my lap. She often sits on my lap, I presume to make sure I don’t wander off. This time I was sure it was for that reason.

She told me that she loves my hair and nails, this is how you will keep them in the future, there will be no argument on that subject. Now for your reward for doing this for me, something you did not have to do, but a gift your girlfriend and lover really appreciates. She grabbed my face in her hands and pulled me close to her, then her lips touched mine and it was sheer heaven. The kiss went on and on, with only a quick pause to get additional air into our lungs. Her tongue probed my mouth, anxious to explore its depth. I reciprocated as best I could, but she was definitely the aggressor in this skirmish and not to be denied. Once she had established lip lock her hands were in my new hairstyle grabbing it, caressing it and tugging on it. I am sure I will need help in getting it to look anything like it was when my eyes first saw it in the mirror.

That first look was my face surrounded my curls, piled up on my head with lots of curly tendrils over my ears and toward the back of my head. The ones on the sides swaying to and fro as my head moved. There was a tuft of curly bangs over my forehead pulled to one side a diamond encrusted barrette helping to secure it in place.

I have no idea how long we sat there enjoying each other, but I did hear giggling from time to time. I stuttered about the movie we were going to see, hoping to get a few moments to compose myself, it worked as she sprang up, then pulled me up and asked one of the techs if they could repair my hairdo. Yeah, she managed to squeeze in another kiss during that maneuver. Once I was pretty again she came to get me since she had went and paid the bill while I was being put back together. She handed me a card with my next appointment written on it and the words body makeover. I looked at her, she just smirked and led me out the door.

She did drive, but not to the movies, our favorite restaurant was her destination. I paused as she opened my door, but I was yanked from the seat and almost pushed into the restaurant. Luckily for me we were seated in one of the side rooms, my head and hands looking female, but my body and clothes strictly male. Not a good combination to have and try to stay stealth. She ordered for me taking over my usual role as couple spokesperson. The food was great as usual, cooked to perfection and more than enough for one person to eat.

After the dishes were removed she scooted her chair closer and wanted to know if I am going to poop on her parade. An expression we often used to make light of our partners decision to do something other that what the other partner wanted. I considered her question, giving in to her requests would affect my life quite a bit, but I had already fell in love with my nails, looking at them frequently. I am sure it will be the same with my hairstyle, as soon as I get a chance to gaze at it more. “No I will not poop on your parade, but I would like to know how far you see this going before I literally jump on the band wagon.”

“I want the whole package, Mandy to be my soulmate now, but maybe keep junior so he won’t feel abandoned and lost. I suggest you quit your job, you are going to be far to busy taking care of me to have time to do your job justice. I will see to your wardrobe, but what I pick out you have to agree to wear. I do so love you and can never repay this special gift you have given me, but I will try. It is indeed a perfect haircut, one that you will wear forever more, for you lover, your one and only.

I am not sure if I said yes or she just presumed I did. Either way I seemed to be committed and unless I pooped on her parade this was my future. As we were heading to the movie I was going over all of the possible scenarios that my mind could come up with, each one ending with me as a female, something that Natalie seemed to desire, but I was not so sure. I did like the nails, since I glanced at them quite often on the ride to the movie theater. Just something about them that made them seem right for my body. I did get a brief glance at the hairstyle in the mirror in the visor, what I saw looked quite sexy, maybe I could learn to live with the hairstyle too.

Then what that comes with the feminine nails and hairstyle popped into my mind, a mind that was already overworked and showing signs of a melt down. Female clothes, mainly dresses and skirts. Then bras, panties, stockings, high heels reared their ugly heads and I knew that the melt down was spreading and getting hotter by the moment.

The movie was uneventful, she found a seat towards the back of the theater, and I was pulled down into my seat, my head promptly laid on her shoulder just like I used to do to Natalie. The situation was now reversed, with me getting to experience the female role in our relationship. It felt weird at first, but then as Natalie’s arm pulled me closer to her I embraced the moment and closed my eyes savoring the warm feelings I was experiencing. I did not remember much of the movie, Natalie’s kisses and her squeezing my shoulder every once in a while kept me off kilter. A nice feeling for a change once I relaxed and let her have her way with me.

At home later having her way with me took on a new level of experience. We were up most of the night as I was kissed, massaged and generally ravaged. Natalie took the male role, often on top of me and enjoying herself quite a bit. I lost track of the number of orgasms I had that evening, my male organ now emitting a clear liquid, but no sperm present in it. That has never happened before, but I can’t say I didn’t love being treated that way. At a few minutes before six in the morning I finally got to sleep, the huge smile on my face saying it all.

Too tired to suffer through a day at work, I called in sick, then promptly went back to bed. Natalie is upper level management so arriving mid morning was no problem for her. I was assaulted again as Natalie was leaving, sensuous kisses and again with her hands in my hair. I can see that is going to be a continuing problem, learning to keep my hair styled or countless salon appointments for them to maintain it for me.

I eased my body out of bed around lunch time, did my bathroom things then looked in our closet for something to wear. Somehow I had ended up in a pair of Natalie’s panties last night and looking in the mirror on the closet door that is all I had on now. The fact that they were askew and showed some obvious wet spots, spoke of the way they were woman handled last night. I managed a shower, thinking of what I might wear today. I left the shower, dried off and stood in front of the closet again.

I had seen one of Natalie’s dresses on the rod right in front of me. It was one I always liked for Natalie to wear, it fitted her perfectly and was the right color for her hair and complexion. I pulled it out and held it up against me, smiling at what I was thinking of doing. I unzipped it and stepped into the dress putting my arms in the short puffy sleeves. I had to twist and contort my body to get the zipper up, but was pleased at the results. I did not look as good as Natalie, but since my hair was disheveled and I had no feminine figure I was still pleased in the image I saw reflecting back. With several things seen to, I might look pretty good in this dress.

I guess donning the dress suddenly made me mentally unstable, the first thing I did was to call the salon and ask if I could get an emergency appointment to fix my hair, maybe some makeup and some help with my lack of a feminine figure. I was told to come in right away, and they would take care of me. I found my male wallet and car keys, slipped on some trainers and was out the door a few minutes later. I was halfway to the salon before I realized I was still in the dress and had no underwear on. Oh well I hear pleading insanity might get me out of any trouble that might come my way. I did keep an eye out for the police, not needing to push my luck any more than I was doing already.

At the salon they were waiting for me, two technicians, one for my hair and one for my figure. I was helped out of the dress, a blush coming to my face as all became aware that I was not wearing any panties. They gave me a knowing look, smirked more than a little and asked if I had fun last night. I just smiled.

I received some breast forms, larger than I would have liked, but size appropriate for my body. Any and all body hair below my eyebrows was removed first, a cream doing the job easily. The breast forms glued on before I was aware of what they were doing. I had in mind just some forms to put in my bra, but got the deluxe package instead. I welcomed the bra that they settled into, the weight and the constant motion more than a little unnerving. The weight in particular more than I had imagined a breast would weigh.

They asked about junior, since he was fully erect, the bra and the silky panties making him excited. It was suggested that he be tucked back between my legs and secured there, making my underwear fit better and preventing a tenting effect when wearing the dress. I agreed, not realizing that he would be glued to my groin, to keep him out of sight. I became aware of what they had done when I was told how to go to the bathroom now, since point and aim was no longer an option. I did receive a cute silicone cover for my groin, now I was almost an identical match to Natalie. Several thoughts breezed through my mind, Natalie’s play toy now tucked away, liable to make her less than pleased.

I did get my hairstyle repaired, back to its original look. It only took them a few minutes to do so, while I had spent an hour trying to recreate the style at home. Then they started on my makeup. This time I made sure to ask ahead of time what my options were, determined to not opt for the long term solution to the problem. It was pointed out to me that the breast forms are with me for at least three months, and the glue on my penis under the vagina covering is good for six months. So I heaved a huge sigh and opted for the semi-permanent makeup. Mandy seems here to stay, so I might as well enjoy the time as my feminine alter ego.

With my lack of skill fixing my hair, I imagined my skill applying makeup might be similar. I left the salon, now filling out the dress as it should be, my new image definitely feminine and dare I say pretty. Yes, I did buy a pair of panties, well they covered very little of my new vagina. It was made of a silky fabric and did all kinds of wonderful things to my vagina as I slid it in place. I think they called the style a thong, the rear strap wedged tightly in my crack while the tiny triangle of fabric in front tried its best to cover my slit. One look in the mirror and I think Natalie might like them until she figures out her play toy has been taken away.

A lot lighter in the wallet I made my way home. That was after I bought a purse from them, a necessity now for a sharply dressed female. I guess my time at the salon took longer than I expected since Natalie was already home. I made my way inside, wondering if I will survive the encounter with her. I made it as far as the living room before she approached, taking in my image as her eyes scanned my body. She turned me around, so she could see my back side, then back around so that I was facing her. So far she had not uttered a word, not a good sign for me.

She walked to the sofa, then patted her lap where she wanted me to sit. I cautiously walked up to her, smoothed out my dress and carefully set down on her lap. I don’t weigh much, so I hoped I would not hurt her. She placed her arms around my waist, pulling me closer to her, now my body and hers touching. She took one hand and laid my head on her shoulder, as I let out a sigh, maybe I will live to see another day. She leaned back on the sofa, with me right with her. I closed my eyes and soon we were both nearly asleep, our breathing now slow and steady.

After awhile she asked where her dinner was, then wanted to know what I had done all afternoon. The beds were not made, laundry still to be done and the kitchen was a mess. I looked at her, then decided to lean in and kiss her, hoping that might save me. The kiss was so erotic, first as I initiated it and then as Natalie took over, pushing her lips and tongue firmly against my mouth. It seemed to never end, then as Natalie squirmed a little on the sofa, she decided we needed to move to the bedroom. I was dragged there, then my dress unzipped and lowered to the floor. She carefully scrutinized my new look, then went to her nightstand and pulled out one of her toys.

She inserted one end into her vagina, it sliding in easily, then she approached me, moving me to the bed. I was laid down on it facing her. She kneeled between my legs, lifting up my legs to rest on her shoulder. I still hadn’t figured out what she was going to do until I saw the end of the dildo slide up to my butt. I tried to avoid it but she was faster in her actions than I was with my thoughts. One moment it was touching my anus and the next it was sliding all the way in, filling me and causing me to moan in lust. It felt so good, like I was now complete somehow. Then she started pumping back and forth, the feelings of her doing this making me scream and moan like a mad woman. After forever, she came, collapsing on my body, both of us panting and breathing hard.

We lay there then she began to withdraw. I closed my legs behind her stopping any further withdrawal, as she leaned down to kiss me and play with my breasts. My attention span was broken and she managed to withdraw her dildo and head to the bathroom to clean up. I just laid there savoring the feelings. This was so much better than sex as a male. I know I had a release of some kind, but with junior tucked away I am not sure if he is even capable. Whatever it was it was wonderful.

When she returned I slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom. As I made the trek I felt some liquid dripping from my new slit. I placed my hand there to stop the flow, then hurried to the toilet. I set down after a brief discussion with myself if it was necessary. I remembered my new status in life, a female and she sits to perform any bathroom functions. I called out to Natalie as the liquid still was dripping out of me. She came in, took one look and giggled. She reached under the vanity and removed a tube, then made me spread my legs. She placed the end of the tube into my slit and pushed the plunger all the way in. I took a quick breath, just that small object being put inside me taking all of my breath away. I felt it as it swelled inside of me, but the dripping stopped.

Natalie just grinned, since you took my play toy away we have to play a different game now, welcome to womanhood. I get to use my dildo on you, and you get to experience tampons and sanitary napkins. So get used to it, I love what we just did and see it becoming an every day happening. While you get dressed I will get us something to eat. Do not get used to it though, as my wife you will have to take care of me, including meals and sex.

She slipped on some clothes, then left me sitting there on the toilet with a tampon string hanging from my new vagina. I realized I needed to pull myself together, so I wiped then pulled the thong back on and slipped into the dress again. I do like how I look in the dress, maybe Natalie will let me borrow it regularly. To keep from getting in any deeper I scurried to the kitchen and started cleaning it up some. As I was wiping down the counters I realized I liked doing things like this, maybe I was meant to be a housewife.

I heard the front door, laying down my cleaning stuff and hurrying to greet my lover. I tripped as I got close to her, the heels I was wearing still not allowing me to navigate in them that well. She caught me, as she had just laid her purse and the bags of food on the hall table so she could remove her sweater. I took advantage of being in her arms and reached up and kissed her on the lips, trying to make it as passionate as possible. She pulled me closer, then pushed me to the dining room, first food, then we will see to your needs you little slut. I giggled, a slut huh, yeah I think I can warm to that task easily.

We ate but I had no idea what I consumed. I doubt Natalie was doing any better since her eyes never left my body. I did manage to put the left overs in the refrigerator, then almost ran to the bedroom, pulling my panties down as I entered and hiking my dress up above my waist. I flopped down on the bed, looking up at her with anticipation. She broke down in laughter, but did make sure I was satisfied eventually. We ended up sleeping in each other’s arms, after I had to insert another tampon to keep from dripping on the bed. Since Natalie had to work tomorrow she ended up taking a shower. As she returned to bed I cuddled closer, my breasts and hers squashed up against each other. Then off to dreamland, pure contentment on my face.

Thinking back, it all started with a perfect haircut, now it has progressed to a perfect marriage and life. I love being Mandy, taking care of my Natalie and being loved in return. A perfect haircut, a perfect life.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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