Larissa; Love Those Heels

“Larry, are you home?”

“Yeah, I am in the office finishing my presentation. What do you need?”

A frustrated wife and soul mate came rushing in, grabbing my hand and led me to our bedroom. “Sheila has been in an accident, nothing serious, but shook up pretty bad. I have a deadline on the pictures I was doing for this company and only have a few hours left. I need you to fill in for Sheila, so get undressed and let me get rid of that body hair. She was already working on my belt, as I undid my shirt buttons. She removed my briefs, her rubbing over certain parts guaranteed to keep me motivated. After her teasing I was motivated, believe me.

She spread a cream all over my body, not missing any parts, even junior got slathered in the cream. I was told to wait until the timer went off that she had placed on the counter then shower off the cream. I did and as soon as I had removed all the cream the shower door opened and I was jerked from the stall. She patted me dry, keeping up her motivational touches and then hauled me to the bedroom. On the bed was my clothes for the afternoon, one look and I was retreating, make that trying to retreat, my wife had other ideas though.

She handed me a pair of panties, pink in color and watched as I slid them up my legs. Her motivational emphasis turned from friendly rubs to I need you to do this now look, a very serious look that I have only received a couple of times during our marriage. A garter belt was next and then I was pushed back on the bed, my feet hanging over the edge. She rolled up a stocking, then smoothed it out over my leg. Several times I almost lost it, the sensation of that sheer stocking on my hair free leg was out of this world. When Jenny and I had sex with her stockings still on it was wonderful, but nothing like now as my leg was encased in the silky stocking.

It was all I could do to keep from spurting my load. The other stocking soon followed and then she had me stand so she could hook the stockings to the garter belt. I was then dragged from the room, down the hall and then into her studio. As we left the bedroom I got a glimpse of my body in the outfit, not recognizing myself in the image.

Jenny my wife does photos for advertisers, everything from food to clothes, to shoes. In this case it was shoes, as soon as I entered the room I couldn’t take my eyes off the wide array of heels that were sitting around the room. These were not every day ladies heels, but fetish heels, taller than normal heels, platforms, boots and even some that locked on with cute padlocks on the instep. I was set down at a chair near her backdrop and the first pair of heels was slid on my foot. I was jerked to my feet and helped over to a pole that was right in front of her backdrop. The pole was necessary, something to hang on to, this male not used to wearing heels, much less this assortment of fetish heels.

She hit a switch and the room was suddenly bathed in bright light. She positioned me so that I was facing away from the camera telling me to raise my right foot to knee height behind me. As I did as she requested I was hanging on to the pole with both hands for support. The camera started clicking, as she moved around to get different angles on the shot.

I had thousands of questions but when she is focused like this I know better to ask them, when she decompresses I can ask them then. There were forty pair of shoes to capture on film, and she moved methodically through each pair. I was shot sitting in a chair, my legs crossed at the knee, on the bed lying face down with one foot raised up in the air, and fifteen or twenty more different scenarios. Most of the shoes I could not walk in, so I had to be helped from one scene to another. As she was getting down to the last two or three pair, she started to joke with me, happy to be almost done with this shoot.

The last pair was ballet boots, the tops of the boots approaching mid-thigh. They laced up all the way, her snugging the laces until they were nice and tight. Since she was returning to the person I knew and loved I asked her how anybody could walk in these damn boots. She smiled, it is not easy, usually taking several months to achieve that feat. Then she shocked me saying that this pair sold for over five thousand dollars, she was just very lucky since Sheila and you are the same size footwear wise. They had been custom made for Sheila, after a mold of her foot and leg was made and sent in. I was left alone as Jenny ran off to her computer to send the photos to the company. According to Jenny she had just barely made it, only a half hour left before her deadline.

I was playing around with the little locks on the top of the laces, trying to see how they worked. It was different than any lock I had seen before, the lock seemed to be tied into the strip that covered the laces somehow, I moved it around a little and then as Jenny came back into the room. I looked up at her and heard a click. The laces were no longer visible, locked under the strip that was now secure by the lock. I moved over to the other boot, moved it a little and it also clicked shut. In the meantime Jenny had seen what I did and started giggling at me.

Well Larry, I hope you like the boots, you are now stuck in them until I can get a new key here to undo them. My mouth wide open, huh was my only response. Sheila took the key with her, since she has been practicing walking in the boots up to today. She dropped the boots off last night so I could get them polished for today. However she has the key with her, so you are stuck in them until I can roundup a key.

“How am I going to get around in these I can barely stand in them much less walk in them?”

“Practice, practice and more practice.”

“Can’t we cut them off somehow?

“Not at these prices we can’t unless you want to buy them with your money.”

I tried to stand, now that I was stuck in them I suddenly had to use the bathroom. I teetered my way over to a wall then down the wall to the hall. After reaching the hall down another wall until I came to the door to the bathroom. I did hear some giggling as I made my way down the hall, at least I am providing some entertainment for my wife. Finally I made it to the bathroom, then to the vanity and commode where I promptly sat, my toes were already hurting just from that short excursion. As Jenny walked by she reminded me to wipe, then headed on to somewhere giggling away.

I did wipe, it just seemed right while in the ballet boots. Then there was the fact that being on my feet hurt like hell, so anytime when I could be off my feet was quite welcome. I made my way back to the bedroom, and laid down on the bed. The morning had been mentally stressful, so I was just trying to relax and unwind. I raised my leg several times admiring the boots and my feminine shapely legs. The pull on the garter belt reminded me of the stockings and how they felt when Jenny had first slid them up my leg. Jenny has the worst timing walking in when I had this huge erection with my leg raised some so that I can get a better look at my boots.

“Well I guess that the news that I will need my fetish shoe model again will be welcomed, considering that indicator between your legs. The company loved the shots, and are sending the rest of the line to be photographed, probably Monday or Tuesday. However they want some full body shots so we need to feminize the rest of you before then. Since you are locked in the ballet boots I suggest you practice walking in them, as we have to go to the salon to get the rest of you prepared.”

I started to protest, but she reminded me who was playing with the locks and managed to get them secured, end of discussion. Since pants couldn’t be worked over the boots a dress was picked out. I should have seen through the charade since neither of the girls are the same dress size as me. Being a male I was more concerned with getting around, and doing something with my erection without any more humiliation on my part. When it was time to go, Jenny came in and busted out laughing. She went to my bathroom, grabbed a towel and some hand cream, and then proceeded to jerk me off. In between her manipulations of my penis she was giggling away. I almost fainted, the orgasm was so intense and long lasting. Then she had the nerve to stick my penis back between my legs and pulled the panty up tight to hold it there.

“At least I know what it takes to get a good fucking from you in the future, you released enough cum for several orgasms, I wonder if it was the shoes or the stockings. Only one way to tell, keep you in heels and stockings from now on. From that blissful look on your face I don’t think there will be much protesting of that decision. Now go to the bathroom and clean up a little, I don’t need you smelling like sex for your transformation to the female gender.”

When I returned from the bathroom, she was ready, took my hand and led me off to be feminized. It was a short drive, as I tried to blend in with the seat covers in the car. Every stoplight seemed agonizing long, as the red light seemed to last forever. Although I had a dress on, there was nothing else female about my appearance. I was sure there was laughing from every car near to us, at the sight of a male in a dress in the car next to them.

We did finally get to the salon, my mouth open as soon as she parked the car. This place was huge, my reluctance to get out and go in there now seemed appropriate. Nothing good can happen in a place like this, especially to me. Jenny came around and opened the passenger door, took one of my hands and pulled me from my seat. I was dragged into the salon, if I could have found something to hang on to, I would probably be still outside. Of course, in the boots I could barely stand so there was very little chance of me keeping from going in there. Where are good hand holds when you need them these days.

I was signed in, then a tech came to collect me. Jenny walked back with me to a private room, helped me remove the dress, then kissed me passionately and left with my dress in her hot little hands. I could swear I heard her giggling away, now nearly naked there was wasn’t much I could do to prevent anything being done to me, the panties offering very little comfort.

Another tech came to help and I was leaned back on a table, then my feet and hands were secured. One lady moving in between my widely splayed legs, as a cool spray was applied resulting in no feeling from that area. The one time I raised my head to see what she was doing I saw a cute slit, just like the one Jenny has. I laid my head back hard, a headache probably the result of that action. Why I needed to lose my male sex organ was not clear, surely I would not be nude in the shots, tucked back between my legs should have been enough. Of course, the one to answer that question is conveniently not here.

Then my attention was brought to my chest as a lady pushing a funny looking machine approached. She took two cups off the machine and laid them on my chest, applying adhesive and pushing on them to make a seal. Breasts too, I presume. Just something glued on would not be realistic enough, so they have to be sucked from my body. I think I have been had. Then the pump was turned on and some of my flesh was sucked into the cups. Well that did me in, I promptly fainted, too much too soon for my mind to try and process. When I came around there was a moist towel laying over my eyes, I tried moving my arms, but they were still secured. I closed my eyes, maybe not being able to see what was being done to me would be better.

I laid there trying to figure all of this out. I was suspicious, too many little coincidences that were propelling me down the path to femaleness fairly quickly. Jenny has never done anything like this before, why she is doing it now a question to be answered, hopefully before I give birth to my first child. I felt my hands being worked on mainly my fingertips. They were filed, cleaned then painted in several coats of polish. I had no idea about the color, but I could feel the wetness as each coat was applied. Then a warm feeling before the next coat was applied.

Keeping my eyes closed, I keep telling myself this is not happening, maybe it is a dream. Yes, that must be what this is, a dream, a vivid dream that seems so real that I can feel the effects of it. Keep those eyes closed, when I wake up all will be as it was before, Larry will be the image that I see in the mirror. Maybe a quick glance will be okay, I peek a little through my right eye, looking at my hands that things were being done to. Oh gawd, I have long red fingernails that are quite feminine as I look past my breasts that are quite visible now on my chest. Yes it has to be a dream, this can’t be happening to me, it just can’t.

Meanwhile the pump was still sucking hard on my nipples. About the time I got used to the steady pull from the pump. It suddenly cut off, then a minute later pumped a few minutes then cut off again. I was frustrated big time, I was flexing my hands in the restraints at the side of the table, trying to figure all of this out. Each time I flexed my hands I felt the tips of my new nails on my hands. Since it was one of the few body parts that I could move, it was how I chose to vent my frustration. Believe me I was certainly frustrated. I imagine that after all of this is completed my life will have changed quite a bit. I sincerely hope this is some grand plan of Jenny’s otherwise I seemed to be totally screwed.

I feared that something has changed, Jenny no longer interested in me, this being a good way to embarrass me and then cast me aside. She has been quieter then usual the last few weeks, maybe things have changed between us. Come to think of it we have not had sex in almost three weeks, Jenny blaming her lack of interest on her last period, where she suffered more than usual.

A sudden thought raced through my mind, now with a slit I have what a man wants the most in a female. Naw that will never happen, but now it is theoretically possible with my new feminine slit. A few nervous shudders and a whole new batch of goose pimples as I contemplated how these changes might affect me. As I twisted around trying to get comfortable I noticed my new breasts were filling the cups easily, not a good sign for the future. Tits and a vagina, just what a male needs to look his best, NOT.

They next shampooed and conditioned my hair, set it in curlers and I was scooted under a dryer. Growing my hair down to my shoulders now seemed to be a very unwise decision on my part. It seemed forever before my hair was dry, but with nothing to do while the hair dryer droned on my mind revisited the feeling that all of this was just too much of a coincidence. I even wondered if anything had happened to Sheila, since I have not seen her, doubt reentered my mind. Then the dress that was conveniently my size, the fact that all of the shoes I modeled were exactly my size and now further down the slippery slope to femaleness as the company wanted more photos of their other product, modeled by me. This time full body shots would be required, how convenient. I am pretty sure Sheila and I do not wear the same size shoe, for one thing her feet are narrower, a fact that I have mentioned to her on several occasions.

Makeup was next, as my dry hair was left in curlers, but I was moved to another chair in front of a lighted mirror. I almost giggled at my reflection till my eyes focused on the cups on my chest, the pump still sucking more tissue into the cups. The pump followed me around, on a rolling stand, determined to coax out those reluctant breasts.

Another big sigh escaped me, but the lady doing my makeup, standing nearby, seemed eager to get started. My eyebrows were shaped, now just two fine arches over my eyes. The foundation, followed my a loose powder to set it. I noticed her being extremely careful where the makeup was used, but couldn’t fathom any reason for it. Jenny was careful when putting on her makeup but not this precise.

She moved on to my eyes, using liner, eye shadow and then mascara. Another large intake of air, my makeup on my eyes really making a difference in my appearance. Some blush contoured on my cheeks to help make my face look more oval, the preferred shape for a feminine face. Then some lipstick was carefully applied finishing off my transformation from male to gorgeous female. The lady doing my makeup informed me that all the cosmetics are permanent, just needing a touch up to keep the color fresh. Not what I wanted to hear.

I looked in the mirror again, raised my thin arched eyebrows and let out a huge sigh, something I seemed to being doing a lot of recently. I think it is safe to say that I have been manipulated by a professional, never seeing any of this coming until it is too late. A vagina, breasts, a curly hairdo and now permanent makeup put me over the edge, a return to some form of masculinity, in the future, most unlikely. I was not sure how I felt about this, my new feminine look is attractive, but still hard for a male to accept as his.

Apparently I was still not done, as my hair was slipped out of the curlers, a few brush strokes and soft bouncy curls surrounded my face. While I was staring at my my hairdo the machine that had been sucking my flab into the breast cups finally shut off. I looked down and gasped, the cups were full with my tissue, shaped just like a breast with a cute nipple in the front. She unhooked the hoses, then told me the cups would remain on, dissolving over the next few days, leaving perfect breasts in its place. I couldn’t take my eyes off my image, my eyes trying to take in all the changes at once. I think the breasts eventually won out, since my eyes often focused there for way longer than I wanted.

She made a few last minute touch ups of my face and hair then pulled over a rack with the clothes I will wear out of the salon. A delicious pair of panties, a matching bra that fit perfectly and then a dress that was way too short, but made my image even more special. Jenny appeared at the front of the salon looking for where I was. Once she spotted me she took off running, flying through the air as she neared me. I almost got knocked over as we collided, the only thing keeping me upright was my hands on the edge of the chair next to me. She moved her hands to hold my head directly in front of her and leaned in to kiss me. It was a forceful kiss as she pushed her lips against mine, making me part my lips a little. Her tongue was in my mouth in a heartbeat, exploring and sucking on mine. The kiss seemed to last forever, by the time she withdrew to get some air I was panting and gasping for air too.

It was twenty minutes later when she dragged me out of the salon. I was still teetering along in the boots, having to hold on to something or somebody to stay upright. I was in a daze, still thinking of the kiss and her aggressiveness, a side of her I have never seen before. Believe me I am not complaining, the good feelings still reverberating through my body. Another experience I have never had before, now looking forward to my next encounter with great anticipation.

Jenny made the trip home in record time. I mentioned that I have not eaten, but was totally ignored. Once home, I was dragged into the house, my clothes lost along the way to our bedroom. She literally threw me on the bed, and before I could move much was on top of me, her mouth sucking on my right nipple as her hand was massaging my other breast. A few minutes of this and I was bucking and moaning trying to get her to finish me off. She lightly bit my nipple and I arched my back and let out a guttural scream.

She lay there for a few minutes then got up and went to one of her dresser drawers. She got something out of it, then in another drawer she removed a scarf. I had closed my eyes trying to get my heart beating in a normal manner, when she tied the scarf around my eyes as a blindfold. A few minutes later I felt something push against my female slit, amazed that I could feel anything at all. Before I could process the situation she pushed and the object slid into me, causing me to gasp and try and catch my breath. Back and forth as she was now moaning herself. I presume it was a dildo, with one end of it up inside of her vagina, while the other end was buried deep in mine. I just laid back, my mind so overloaded with emotions and feelings I was not sure if I was sane or had gone crazy. A few more pumps and she let our her scream of joy as I could feel her moisture from her climax enter my womanhood. Not sure what she did was even possible, but it felt so good, wondering when we could do it again, hopefully pretty soon.

With our sex life handled for a while, Jenny ordered some take out to be delivered, while I remained on the bed totally pooped. With the ballet boots still on my feet, it was an easy decision to make. I heard the doorbell, then a few minutes later heard it again. Ten minutes later Jenny accompanied by Sheila appeared in the doorway, both carrying some trays of food and drink. My earlier conclusion had been correct, I had been manipulated by the best and was now a member of the female gender for who knows how long. We ate and talked, Sheila telling me how good I looked in the heels, as that statement was delivered she handed me the key to the ballet boots. I placed it on my plate to the side, and finished eating my meal. Sheila and Jenny exchanged knowing glances, but said nothing.

Sheila took the empty dishes to the kitchen as Jenny helped me out of the boots. Once off, my foot remained straight as if it was still in the boots. I looked at Jenny her smirk and a red face led me to believe that this was not a good thing to happen.

I guess I need to start telling you the truth. Wearing the ballet boots for several days like you have just done will force you leg tendons to shorten requiring you to wear tall heels for the rest of your life. To get the tendons to stretch back out is painful and a very lengthy process.

Now about your transformation. I have always wanted you as your female self, my constant little hints falling on deaf ears. Sheila and I were talking and came up with this plan, I know it was deceitful on my part, but I am so thrilled to have my female love partner, I could just squeal. For me at least give it a try, if you decide on not doing this for me I will eventually get over it. It has been so much fun and the sex is out of this world so please think about it for me.

She left me to my thoughts for a few minutes as she headed to the kitchen. Shortly they both returned, some dessert and fresh tea in their hands. I was still starved so I dug in, however I tried to act like a proper lady eating small bites and using only one hand. While they were gone I had managed to slip my feet in a pair of the taller heels from the previous shoot, admiring my legs in the gorgeous heels as they returned. It was after we had consumed the dessert that Sheila had noticed my feet in the heels and pointed it out to Jenny. Once Jenny saw them I was attacked again. Sheila gathered the dirty dishes telling Jenny she will see her tomorrow and headed downstairs. I detected quite a bit of giggling as she left the room.

I looked at Jenny. “Don’t you just love these heels.” We ended up falling asleep cuddled next to each other where we belonged.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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